How to connect? No servers with HWS in the name

I’m trying to connect to the HWS server for the first time.
I logged in through HWS Connect using my Steam ID, but when I try to choose the server (HWS NA), I get a message saying “Sorry, but you have not played on HWS yet” and to “type ‘HWS’ in the Multiplayer Lobby and chose the EU or NA Server”.
I then start Empyrion through Steam and enter “HWS” into the filter on the Multiplayer Lobby, and that’s as far as I get. There are no servers with HWS in the name.
How do I identify the HWS server in the Multiplayer Lobby?

(If the answer is that HWS is temporarily unavailable, I can accept that, but where might I have looked to find that information without having to enter this forum topic?)

Hello and welcome!

Hmm, I guess it depends on your ping then.
If you have for both servers a higher ping than 300 (what would mean you are living in South Africa or even more away) than this can happen.

If not then it takes awhile to load them. Please be patience in that case.
In the end you will see this then:

I see them now. You were right, I just needed to be more patient, but helped to know what I was expecting to see. Thanks for the reply and the screenshot.

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