How to delete your recent server history

Hey @everyone,

if you ever wanted to know how to clear your recent server history that is how you do it:

Close Empyrion

  1. find your steam 3id here:

  2. go to the proper folder in your steam directory:

  3. go to the server browser remote history folder:

  4. delete the serverbrowser_hist.vdf file

Start Empyrion


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Thanks Rex - Been searching for this for a while.

I struggled for a moment because my directory path was slightly different…


This worked for me and I was able to wipe the history. Thank you for your help!


Interesting… that didn’t work.
It was definitely the right file, I opened it and could see many server IP’s and ports. Clearly was being stored in there at one point. I did note that there were 30something servers listed.

Removed the file. Exited Steam just to be sure, started EGS and the history still shows all the same servers it did before (5 fairly recent servers).

Verfied the file is still gone from that folder.

Wonder if it’s being cached somewhere else?

Going hunting…

Others and me did it couple of times before I decided to post it, so it works for sure but maybe check your setup:

Did you got your steam3ID right?
Did you have multiple Empyrion instances (e.g. to switch fast between EXP and Public version)?
Do you have the steam cloud enabled (since this is a feature of it)?

Only one installation (currently alpha) and only one Steam3ID in the Steam\userdata folder.

verified steam cloud is checked in Steam->Settings->Cloud

The file was dated 1/18/2017 which is suspect.

Not a big deal, just curious why mine might be different.

And… I found it. 2 steams.

Thanks for the responses… worked great in the long run :slight_smile:

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this issue has been plaguing me for 3yrs. tried this solution and many others with no resolve. gave up for a while and futilely tried again many times with no resolution. would look like it worked when i loaded the game but after restarting steam, the folder would repopulate. several “turning it off and on again” attempts with steam’s cloud sync and the window’s “feature” shadow copy. the friggin folder would always come back. even after uninstall, reinstall, and even a reinstall of windows.

one thing i did discover is that server connection history is tied in with steam’s gui and not within Empy itself (folder 7 is the steam server browser “app.”) for those that do not know, steam begun with one title and the mods for it, Half-Life. it was to replace the WON network for server browsing and connections outside of game. it became something much more over the decades. not every game is fully compatible with this feature and does not show in the list. empy is not listed so assumptions would dictate it is not compatible. however i have noticed many times in the past i could see the server i had just left loaded in the list as an unknown game. it would vanish after i hit refresh.

so i gave up until yesterday when @dew1960 asked me about this. after telling him my plight and seeing this resolved it for him i decided to crack into it again. after hours of doing everything i could possibly think of and lots of swearing i had a spark of idiocy. i started doing steps in different orders. low and behold i was able to finally remove the old servers and only see the ones i preferred. the key step i was missing was actually joining a server before closing the game. opening and closing the game and seeing no previous servers did not update connection history so the file was reverting every time. the “lastupdate” line in serverbrowser_hist.vdf is what clued me in to this. it was not changing until i actually joined a server :frowning:

now i have no idea why this was required, my best guess is this game has “issues” reporting to the steam server browser. no surprises there though :wink:

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