How to fight small agile SV?

Most players in PVP use extremly agile small SV, the only weapon is homing missile and sometimes a secondary one.

In my larger, heavily armed TIE bombers i am not able to score hits on these small vessels, as they are just lagging around me, shooting homing missiles now and then.

It is also not possible to fight these vessels with an armed hovercraft, i cant score any hits on these mini jumping balls.

Any idea how to counter this tactics ?

I jus try to draw them into my base if ther not careful the rockets take em out

There is a way I made a diagram for you hope it helps :]

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Basically guide to how to run

Just practice on experimental test with your friends and you’ll get better at it. The accuracy comes from practice and experience. Having a nice lag free computer helps but it doesn’t make you any better. It mostly just comes from practice and doing it hundreds of times.

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Thanks Kogami,

this really helps, i will try this tactics. Had an encounter with jedi master from the ACE griefers yesterday.
Fortunately they are only good in griefing but below average in PVP combat tactics, so i managed to escape.

But it was really frustrating not beeing able to hit the lag griefer with my guns although my movement was not too bad.

He also used the exploit flying into the hangar preventing my CV from moving due to that “you have an undocked vessel inside your ship” issue.

Well i learned from it that internal hangars in CVs are trash hehe. Directly reconstructed it into a 5 layer combat steel block.

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Small SVs will always have the advantage over larger, slower SVs when it comes to SV on SV combat. You need to design one or several fighter SVs to give you tactical flexibility out in the field.

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SV are completely overpowered. Can also easily take any base out solo. I found the only thing they are vulnarable for are the small calibre weapons with spread, as this penetrates the SV lag shield.

Works only with CV vs SV, not HV vs SV. Hovercrafts are too slow to chase the SV lagging rubber ball. With a CV i can take them out BUT i have to spread my turrets all over the CV to avoid “dead zones” without fire arc. And this brings me into a disadvantage in CV vs CV space battle.

I hope that they will fix the lagging SVs soon, so that we can have normal dogfights in one-on-one skill based again instead of just hoping to score a lucky punch through the opponents lag shield.

Also totally stupid, because the only weapon used by non-noobs is the guided missile.

Honestly just looks like complaining now! Lol! Sorry man but if you are lagging in a SV 1v1 you need new computer!

Hint: missile is not the best anti sv weapon :] it’s only the easiest to use.

Well, minigun as you get more metal into the air ? (Or into space)

Laser is too weak and Plasma is too slow. Railgun is my favorite weapon against non griefers, as i am a marksman. But wont hit lagging rubber balls.

Have a high end PC, lag is from the server, not the PC.

Rails used to be perfect even against laggy ships, havn’t really shot anything in a while will test.

Hmm i try to lure them into the firing arcs of my latest CV… the death star. The name is program.