How to go on after leaving starter?

So it’s been a while since I last played Empyrion.
The next planet after starter is always PvP and you are stuck there due to lack of Pentaxid.
I built a space base of course but there’s just no way to get anything from the PvP planet. Especially as a beginner you also do not have the resources to constantly replace your destroyed SV/HV.

So what do I do? My only source of income is the planet and there you just get killed over and over by players with much more wealth and weapons. I’m pretty much stuck with no means to leave the system or get resources.

I tried to be safe with a HV to protect me but all that happens is you need a CV to get it on the planet. CV gets wrecked, you are stuck again and can wait for your death.

Any tips? How did you proceed (without donator stuff or gifts) after starter planet? Thanks!

None's Guide to living on PvP (Not completed) :smiley: Be a ninja and gather up resources and then run when you see danger for the begining, your space base will eventually get strong and you will be able to take on the stronger guys, i think the most important thing is fly cheap at start it will help a lot.

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Lucifer is pve Fri-Sat I believe, not sure if they’re any deposits left but you might be able to get some iron there safely. Desert world is pretty good for Sathium but in a PvP zone.

But you can just bring a small mining hv that has a full gun loadout with some ammo and I’d imagine most would leave you alone. Just bring it on a cheap warp sled, setup a cheap turret base next to your sled, then go off and do your mining.

After like 2 weeks of warping to get RP, you can finally get to Gabriel and get a good amount of iron using amd