How to move to neptune

So I started a few days ago, both on the server, and in the game as I’d never played before then.

I feel like the starter planet has outlived its usefulness to me, so I would like to move to neptune.
I tried this today, thinking origins would be friendly to each other (but was smart enough to go in just a sv with no items I didn’t mind losing, and got annihilated in about 2 seconds by the first base I saw, before even having a chance to leave again.

So ehm… how does this work? How can I move to neptune without getting blown up by my own origin everywhere?

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Join/Create a faction and ally with the other trader factions, and guardians.

Think it was my base you ran across, an I was trying to help, but shutting down a base with multiple cannon installations quickly is well… impossible. Hollar at me or any STX in game or on discord when you’re online an we’ll get you sorted.

Also to note: all origins USED to be automatically allied upon creation, but that posed problems, so now we have to do it manually. It’s not like your fellows hate you or anything, it’s just game mechanics :frowning: