How to wipe auto miners ? (slave tool)

Wiped my server and updated to reforged 1.7
I’m really enjoying it.

However the EAH auto miner were not wiped and when I access it through the tool and erase the information, they do not erase

I’m using the slave tool, because on the server I don’t have a graphical interface to access the master, only her files. (GTX Gaming)

Does anyone know a way to erase the auto miner data from the tool?

Hey, you could open it and press Ctrl+a and then “Del”. Then click ok. That should work.
Or close the tool go to the EAH\Config folder and delete the AddOn.Dat file

It worked!

I tried to give “CTRL + A” and then “DEL” but when I pressed delete, the dialog to confirm did not appear, nor did it delete anything…

So I deleted the file and it worked!

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m using the tool in slave mode, but this second option worked. Thank you so much! I was days without using the tool because I couldn’t solve this.

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