HQ Missions Feedback

Hello fellow mission runners! I figured this is a good place as any for us to pull together improvement ideas for the current HQ missions. An issue most designers have is limited testing time as an actual player. List some of the mishaps you have experienced here. Let’s see if we can pull together some decent suggestions to keep the content fresh and exciting!

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Well for starter’s it seems almost all the mission’s are designed to discourage repeat attempts with quite a few locking you in rooms or other wise making it impossible to re-aquire dropped back packs without re-logging and running hoping to get to it in time before the instance close’s i understand the idea of fail and lose your back-pack and thats fine for those missions. so my first suggestion is put the respawn point always right at the beginning and add check points like how alien asylum is set up that one actually encourages retrying till you get it right. second no one considers it fun to get killed by some invisible enemy (most modern game developers make enemies hit weaker or miss entirely when not in sight for this exact reason) so sentry placement needs to be such that you can see what killed you and plan around it alien derelict comes to mind here where the turrets kill you from across the hanger and cant be seen due to render issues sure on higher end machines render is not a problem but not everyone is on one and shouldnt need to be to enjoy the missions. third and this is a big one clue’s some hell nah most of the “puzzle’s” give no clue or context personally i love puzzles and they should stay but there needs to be a clue a hint something to point us to how to solve. simply having a locked door with the code somewhere else in the level thats not a puzzle thats a key search combat testing is a good example of puzzle making however it leaves very little time to actually solve the puzzle requiring a person to first go in correctly find the codes then wait for the cool down to actually use them and since its always the same once solved all of that added content becomes pointless and is never seen or experienced again, often only a few need solve it for the community to ignore that content entirely. bullet sponging should be avoided as well that doesn’t make it harder just longer to complete

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armor locker, health, and repair stations in every mission and at checkpoints would be super helpful.


Im gonna be unpopular after saying this but it needs to be said :slight_smile:
Timers on each mission need to be adjusted, i have watched a player do darkness lies in less than 7 mins, tomb of horror solo in 45 mins and the list goes on :sweat_smile: i think that new content is great and im useless at giving ideas but we also need to increase the timers for players as they are currently being farmed the crap out of, timers literally being set on peoples phones to go back and hit it again.
Reminds me of a certain faction that would do that at the auto miner factory :joy:
When the economy is so easily manipulated and most peoples ocds and banks are rammed we could introduce a cost to enter also? Just my take :slightly_smiling_face:

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100% agree about the farming aspect. door codes are the problem there. rex has a plan to convert to the dialogue system forcing full run through of missions instead of bypassing everything (like i do)

honestly i don’t like the timer aspect of missions at all. perhaps there could be mission tokens that have to be earned in order to run a mission. no mission if u didn’t get the right token. sort of like tomb of horrors

there could also be setups like alien asylum where the “good loot” is only dropped after a cool down in the dialogue system. this way those that just want the action/practice can run them without worries of loot exploitation.

I really think there should be a M.I.S.S.I.O.N.S. mechanic like T.E.A.M.S where u have to do turn-ins to collect tokens and unlock other missions. basically have no loot in the missions at all, just tokens. this would help drastically with the volume issues of RE. after running the missions, just turn them in for loot (Chuckie Cheeses style.) this can also be a place the mission tokens are given to enter other missions.

Personal lockers (preferably with stupid high volume) on every mission floor :wink:

Just my thought, but would be awsome with an endgame mission. Like a super mission with cool and expensive loot. But, you have to do every other mission to be able to enter that last one.
Can be solved with tokens :grin:


Thats a great idea, we have the sphere already so a chain reaction to be able to get the good loot is very cool


2 Stationary, disabled CVs with a full compliment of fighters each. 1 Player, 1 Enemy CV. Race around the asteroid belt to collect Ores to get your CV engines working again or maybe go for turrets ? hmm.

faction restrictions in missions can be problematic at times. i understand it’s to prevent trolls from ruining missions for others. perhaps we could have duplicates of each mission for public and private.

have high value loot determined by the dialogue (or token) system and remove the cool down timers on all missions. this allows us to run missions as many times as we want but only give loot at specific intervals (ie: the alien asylum mission end rewards)

another thing i think may be a decent idea is having a separate server for missions. like csw between na/eu. this way it can be wiped pretty much every day to keep the main database from having thousands of dead playfields to filter through.

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if this is possible, we can have HWS+ and RE both use the same server for missions so content doesn’t have to be adjusted on 4 different universes. this should alleviate a lot of stress on an already ridiculously large database in RE

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its a good idea but the loot tables are different on each scenario. then theres the cost factor of running another machine and another database and then the migration of the loot back to the relevent character on each scenario. thatd be one hell of a headache :slight_smile: