Huge change in lag with a simple solution

We are 2 factions on ETS and that planet started to lag as crasy even when noone was flying around on it.

So after some talk we removed all CV´s to see if we got any change and this is what we discovered.

1: After all CV´s was parked in space the lag just vent away.
2: No CV was on and still we had lag when they are on planet.

This is a planet that is not over populated or anything.

Maybe its time to make CV´s = space ship and SV = ground ships.

This will help the planets alot and we dont need any CV´s on the planets.

This is a change that admins can make and we dont have to wait for devs to do anything so i dont want to hear anything about the game being broken or shit like that. This is a channel for making it better with the tools we have today and not whats up in 6 months.

Thanks for the information.
Can you share how big the cv was?

Generally I wanna see CVs as mothership and SVs as mobile fleets.
So IF FINALLY the device / block scan bug is fixed we sure can do this.
Otherwise we can only warn people for now.

Not going to I lie I’ve never taken a CV large than 300 blocks on a planet for this reason. Ppl shouldn’t need to be told it’s pretty obvious. However, they will still do it to show off how awesome their 10000 block 500 device CV is or to abuse the OP mini guns and also create the lag that gives the warning message to ppl in SV.

if everyone actually did what was best to make a boardline underplayable game playable you’d probably get some sweet playing times. But people won’t.

You can ask the community to help with this but the long standing guys should already do this. Unfortunately you can’t account for the other 60% players who don’t care.

I appreciate in theory it’s a great idea but implementation is another thing.

You said don’t say about the devs zappe but it’s not down to players having to sacrifice and come up with solutions. We are in alpha. Only real soloution is to wait and hope they can bring the game forward.

I don’t mean to appear confrontational it’s great that your looking out for everyone’s game experience…but people these days are so selfish they just do what they want…unless they will literally have consequences such as losing ships etc. No way of policing means no reason to do so.

I will do what’s right for everyone’s game experience as I’m sure you will now too. Problem is the other higher % of ppl that just do what they want

Sounds like a good idea - most factions are only one or two people when i see this right, so nobody needs more then 2 CV´s. And if they parked in space it´s like Zappe said [quote=“zappe21, post:1, topic:1041”]
Maybe its time to make CV´s = space ship and SV = ground ships.

Recently we live on a PVE-Planet and yes, we got one CV parked on the Planet. The reason for this is just simple. We got 2 CV´s in Space (limited to two CV´s) so one must be on the Planet. But it would be no problem to get rid of one of the CV´s we parked in space. One of them is a simple Bill Board for Advertising our NPC in our Marketplace.
My opinion?! Thumbs up for Zappe´s idea.

Most of the CV.s where small. It Even small ships will make the lag when on planet.

They are like 1000-2000 block in size… maximum.

So if you dont wanna take the dev count down to 100 it dosnt matter. Saomething is wrong with CV when the built this program.

If you look at my massive CV with 200 turrets im still under 400 devices. So if you dont make the cap like 50-100 it dosnt matter.

Well Rex can make it easut. 1 warning and 5 min later the CV will be warped and out of faction.

1 day later everyone will now the rules.

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