Hunter board and location leaks

Ok, first a question i had was in regards to the location leak… .is it a 1 time leak or does it continue to update with current position as i move around every 15 mins till i pay off EGS to remove the flag or get myself killed?

(**IE; i kill someone i shouldn’t, get flagged as guilty, then 15 mins later the location of where i killed them is then leaked, or is it where i am currently in game? If its the later, that would seem to mean im always on the run, but VERY bad for things like, im done for the night and want to log out but not able to return to my base in fear of it being leaked)

And for the big ASK to improve this feature…

When on the HWS board and we see folks listed for guild, can we please get a “Copy” command on the coordinates and then have an ingame way to place a marker with those coordinates already input into it??

Idea is… guilty guy/gal is in playfeild Zion @ coord xyz. I go checking for them, and warp to zion playfeild, and then “copy” the command, something like… CB:marker:xyz and it will give me a waypoint to follow quickly.

I dont know about you, but I find tracking with DI coordinates VERY PITA, and with there being a 15 min time window in most cases to get a bead on someone, spending half of that trying to figure out which direction to point in and how far away you might be is counter-productive. If im hunting you and i know your location, I should be able to set the cords in the computer and run to nab my bounty (and RP)!

REALLY hope this idea can be something implemented…

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It’s your lucky day. In 6.0 you can open your map, right click, and add a waypoint or marker. It allows you to input coordinates or use mouse location.

So you would warp to the correct playfield, start a new waypoint, and paste the coordinates in from connect. Should take only a few seconds once you’re familiar with it.

It is basically like a GPS transmitter. Every 15 minutes your actual coordinates are pushed to the website.
Just tested - example:
I am in orbit at 70000 / 0 / 0 and the Hunter Board shows 70686 / -868 / 1212.

Maybe we increase the scatter radius to max. 3000 meters.

About the waypoint krazzy helped greatly.
A sure I can let you copy it but the input fields in the game are separated so it wouldn’t make much sense.
I really hope people know that steam has an overlay / webbrowser where you can just SHIFT+TAB to HWS Connect seamlessly.


On planets it is now max 1000 meters.
In space it is now max 3000 meters as a scatter radius.

However this is random and the values are the max amount. Keep it in mind.