Husband and I can't both collect vote rewards

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What happened:
=> HWS Connect only allows one of us to collect a reward per day. We use the same connection so we figured that’s probably the issue.

Player(s) with issue:
=> The Bong Druid of Weed Mountain, Dixon Cox

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Jan 9, 08:45

=> N/A

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> Is there any way for both of us to vote and claim rewards while being on the same connection? I couldn’t find an answer after searching, sorry if it’s been touched on before.

HI There,

For a start, you might want to consider changing your character names as some people may find them offensive.

secondly, when voting on the vote site are you both using your individual steam accounts? the only possibility i see of it failing is if the vote site is IP locked (ie. 1 vote per IP) which would mean that whoever votes first gets the claim and the website assumes the other person has voted due to being IP locked.
This probably isnt anything that HWS can look into as its not them who manage that site,

Rex or Jascha might be able to clarify this though,

Yea, we’re both using our own steam accounts.

Try to use a free location changer or use your phone to vote from. Your phone 4g should not be the same ip

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Overall not an HWS issue.
The website has this limitation included (to prevent abuse).

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