HV multiturret is way too weak

Compared to multitool T2. that oneshot a small block. this device is actually takes two, and somewhat slower RPM than the small handheld tool.

This makes multitool HV is useless and grind my gears. if the tool is not buffed up, I have no reason to use the thing. The only advantage that this tool has is that it uses the vessel fuel. So it last long. But I can just craft a lot of multitool ammo too at a cheap rate.

Now we need a reason to have HV and even CV multitool as a better solution to salvaging. Just increase the energy requirements, that’s fine 3x or 4x as long as it salvage 3x or 4x faster than handheld multitool as well.

What do you think Rex?

(it seems like someone already post this issue as well. Now that I post the same problem, maybe this will bring up the urgency? Have a good day. )

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Few weeks back i had to recycle few old bp hovers that was waiting to be spawned but since i had refurbished the bp and those were the old model i desided to go to Suomi and spawn them and then take them apart. I had 5 hovers waiting and i thought that i take 1 multiturret too so i can stick it in the roof of one of those hovers to make the job quicker. I landed, spawned the hovers, installed the multiturret, fueled the hover and started blasting and after 15 sec i just jumped out and took my ol’multi and used it. The turret was so slow compared to the handheld model. It should be a little faster than the handheld becouse it is overall a turret. Havent used it since.


Hey and thanks for the feedback.

Hm, I thought I boosted them like crazy… maybe a merge conflict happened.
I will check and adjust properly today.

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thank you. it feels awesome like it supposed to be now!:grin:

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