HV stopped moving

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What happened:
=> HV just stopped moving. Acts as if it has to much weight, but is empty. this is the 3rd time this has happened. put on 12 thrusters didn’t help still only says 15 mph but wont move

Player(s) with issue:
=> I need my HV to work


Time (cb:time):
=> this time it was the snow planet after I just raided the lvl 9 hailfire defense with it.

=> Not sure

Structure Name(s):
=> Raid Support 25710381

Structure ID(s):
=> 25710381

How can we help you now:
=> I cant play till this is fixed I use my HV’s 85% of the time

putting on extra devices (thrusters) could over CPU the vehicle.
When ingame hit P and check CPU, if you went over the vehicle can become unresponsive

No it’s way below CPU (T4) this is the 3rd time. I just destroyed the HV’s and spawned new ones that worked for days then this. If I remember all were after raiding high lvl defenses. I have 500 plus hours with this HV blueprint and have never had any problems at all only here on this server. Also could someone tell me where I can use egs:recycle: tried it , it said I need to be in the recycle area.

The recycle zone is in ecc orbit. It’s an easy to see poi on your map. If you have problems with your hv again, don’t delete it, have someone come look at it and figure out what’s happening to it. If a ship is working, and then isn’t there is always a reason. They don’t just stop, there is weight, cpu, cv parts glitched onto it, the stack sizes on this server are really big, maybe you don’t realize fuel and pentaxid and ammo weighs so much, its hard to say without seeing it, it’s just a guessing game.

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Have you tried using a repair station?
Also, when it is still broken, bp it, go creative and spawn it there. Easier to find out what is wrong when you can add and remove blocks by just shiftclicking them.

Good suggestions were made here, I would told you as well.
It’s not something we can fix with our tool like restoring your backpack.
I have no idea what is going on with your HV :frowning:

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hey I tried everything. even went to another server and my SP game where I use that HV. I have over 500 hrs using that BP, never had a single problem.

Could you post a screenshot of the Statistics page for the vessel, and the cpu page.

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