HV / SV Miners Price Tag

Pricing list for garage ships suggestion:
Or HV garage are reduced by 6m for drills or SV are increased by 6m since they have none by default.
Why i should choose a mining hv over a mining sv with the same drills?
The hv is more vulnerable and need a cv to be dropped off on a planet.
Sv instead is free to get in and get off
Plus sv is a surgeon for mining whilist HV mining is way more difficult.
Price tag need to be adjusted.
Maybe with this variation of price someone will start to buy mining hv instead of sv and we can create more mining hv for garage.


I don’t think SV prices should be increases. They’re already really expensive if you want something mined.

But i follow you here. HV’s should maybe have a lowered price, to make them more used.
But this shouldn’t be done by increasing SV price.

1 of the reasons you want this is probably because you guys have control over GG, and SV’s can easier escape than HV’s :confused:

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Is not about controlling or not gg. Why i should buy a hv instead of a sv for mining with the same number of drills? Since an hv is more vulnerable than a sv should be differentiated. A 12 drills mining hv alien cored should cost 5 millions? Or a 12 drills mining sv should cost 17millions?
In the hv there are 6 overlimit drills and on sv are 12.

So the correct calculation are:
HV - 5m alien core + 6 normal drill 0 + 6m overlimit drills - 11mill
SV - 5m alien core + 12 overlimit drills - 17mill

People will always choose for SV on pvp but on pve is another story. They can buy an hv for more fair price.

I think if we want to use a linear progression the sv miner prices should be increased of +6 since an sv naturally can have zero drills.

Why gg is not populated? Because of garage SV since you can fly there mine and go away without the need of controlling the ground.

I think that prior of garage SVs there was the real battles for mining gold and control the territory on gg since you could mine only with ground vehicles.

Season 9x mining sv? No thanks.

Or at least the drills that SV could have are max 10/12. Everything more should be only for HV garage vehicles.

As @RexXxuS always says… more risk…more reward.

More more reward huh? I’m sorry to tell, but there’s very few factions who’re actually capable of keeping a base alive on GG. This is mostly because RED are so big, and has OPG as allies, and both factions patrol GG.

Yeah sure. It’d be great if smaller factions had a chance of keeping a base alive on GG.
Even my faction. We usually go around 5 people to GG.
We don’t have a chance of keeping the base alive, because most of the PvP guys in RED has much more experience in PvP.

But back to the topic.

Yeah. HV’s should have a greater meaning. Anyone would prefer SV to HV. Maybe make weapons on HV’s cheaper, if there’s drills on it, so people have a chance of defence too.

Little OT:
Honestly i have really appreciated that you guys have tried to setup yesterday on gg.
I have few suggestion to do.
Ally with someone!
Alliance is the best part of the game.
Instead of put one base on gg that can be easy destroyed, put 3… those stuff hurts.
But i saw none that tried to do so this season… is so easy since now you just can spawn bases out of the hat.
The base that you putted yesterday had a nice design and can be a trouble destroying 3 of them. Also the hv were nice and taken a lot of time to destroy them… keep it up!

Back in topic:
Anyway i will still think that sv and hv should have a different numbers of drills since they are less manuvreable and more vulnerable

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We have tried to do that this season.

Already forgot the lag feast in Walla O.o
We tried to set up 3 bases after we lost (mostly due to lag) in Walla.
Those were gone within 24h…

Time zones makes it difficult to keep bases alive :confused:

(And we’re U-T not OT ;))

Hmm i did not remeber 3 bases on gg from different factions

Space bases and ground bases are very different in strenght

24h time is a LOT of time for mine and do whatever you want on GG

OT means OFF topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Last saturday, around 23:00 to 04:00
It was U-T, FIN, JVI, UMB, and ABN.

Those bases we brought yesterday, were the 3 we had saturday too.

We attacked late so we actually had a chance, so i for example, managed to mine 2,5 stack of gold… ore. And the base was gone as i came online next day :stuck_out_tongue:

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


1st of all. Who said anything about giving up O.o

And second of all. We might be able to make 3 bases stand, for a little while, and destroy your base. But some of the PvP veterans in RED are 10x richer than the richest of us(U-T at least). Maybe we can take your base down, but you have so much cash that you can get it back up and running really quickly, and you can keep doing that, for longer than we can O.o

How much does it costs a tower?
Very little.
You can mine 15 minutes Armageddon and have resources for dozen of them.
Then you have orbital autominers too…

Iron and sathium can of course be replaced by cement, but this is just the tower.

If we go to Ammo instead O.o Then it quickly becomes expensive, or takes 12 hours to make ammo for 2 towers.

When we go to GG, i usually spent around 500k on ammo(For 1 base, and 1 HV)

If you are on shortage you can think about how to make an efficient base with less blocks :slight_smile: Isnt a game about building? :smiley:
And i suggest always to use concrete since is nearly free and requires less resorces than combat steel.
To fast convert a base from combatsteel to concrete just use this line in creative mode
replaceblocks <entityid> hullcombatfulllarge ConcreteArmoredFull
For ammo… you dont need a big quantity to put inside for protection purposes…

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Less blocks, less armor.
I might get a new base design soon though. Who knows :slight_smile:

And the reason it’s made of combat steel right now is because i was out of cement, which i’m making atm, but thanks for the tips anyways.