HV's and water and what you dont know

In order to dispell current popular belief, HV do not randomly sink anymore like they used to pre 9.0

pre 9.0 a hv would randomly bottom out when passing over water, and it could happen in random places never usually the same place twice, just totally random.

after 9.0 the sinking was fixed with a modification to hover engines that eleon made that nobody but me seems to be aware of but myself having only being able to notice the effect of the change by riding my hv boats ^-^.

Now, one can full speed all the way around a planet over water or partially submerged in a hv and not sink.

My boats are especially good at this even though the bottom layer is always under water (by design)

The meridian, or rather whats left of the old green barrier, is the only thing sinking hv atm, if you cross over it on a boat or regular hv, you could sink.

A boat race can be achieved by starting 1 side of the meridian, racing around the planet and finishing at the other side of the meridian, therefore no meridian crossing.

I have been sailing my boats every day on paragon and atlantis on HWS since 9.0 and the only thing sinking my boats is the meridian which is easily avoided.

And i travel the water of atlantis around the whole planet 2 or 3 times a day.

The point of this post is to help stop people hiding under their beds at the thought of using HV on water…

edit: in fact io trust the water so much, i log out on a hv in water over night undocked and never sinks when i have logged back on. So long as power stays on of course :slight_smile:

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