HVS that are not actually HVS?

Is this allowed? i cannot seem to find anything but i noticed it…there is alot of them on one planet, heck i got angry as they seemed buried and just shoot the hell out of you…so i blew all that i could find up, however i wanted to know if this sort of thing is allowed, itsnt a hover vessle supposed to be just that, not acting as a base that can be hidden down well?

Are you saying that a hover vessel should not be allowed to park?

Of course, but when there is loads dotted about, all left on…i mean come on

Range on HV turrets as well as HP for the individual blocks are reduced. They may be easy to use as mobile turrets, but they definitely have their downsides. Just lob at em from a sv or cv.

I think what frustrated me is due to bugs in the game these HVS managed to somehow blow up my constructor inside of my CV yet hadn’t penetrated the blocks outside…so i went on a mission and destroyed about 5 or 6 of them lol its more fo an annoyance than anything else and in my eyes i would consider doing that a fairly exploited way of cheapo shots on people…frustrating

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Nothing wrong about it so far.
Maybe this will generally reduced when limits are introduced again

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