HWS 10 and Shields

Hi HWS Community,

unlike the Mass & Volume or “Thrusters need open space”, the shields can’t be configured to be turned off. It’s part of the upcoming gameplay for everyone.
However, this feature in its current state is mostly configured for Singleplayer / against POIs.
So don’t waste too much words / time and complain about it - just make it better yourself for HWS 10!

Please provide your dedicated Shield feedback here!

I will do again dedicated tests to find good values but since time is rushing you can actually help me a lot!
Please do PvP tests on your server or the official Eleon Experimental one.
Please provide a template here then what you think should be changed:

SV + HV Shield System:

  • Shield Capacity: xxx (how much Shield hitpoints should SV and HV have [they share the same Shield Generator Device, so it’s the same for both]) - currently 2000
  • Shield Per Crystal: xxx (how much Shield hitpoints should one Pentaxid support) - currently 100
  • Shield Cooldown: xxx (after how many seconds should the Shield Generator start to regenerate after being hit. See below for full details) - currently 15 seconds
  • Shield Recharge: xxx (the higher the value, the faster it recharges your “Shield per crystal” setting) - currently 100 [the shield update tick is in general every 3 seconds happening]
Shield Cooldown Info

Cooldown to Shield:

a) when shield drops to 0%

  • when shield is reduced to 0%, it will not recharge during 15sec (=cooldown timer)
  • UI: during 15sec the shield % is blinking in red
  • after 30sec, the shield will be charged to 10%
  • cooldown timer is reset to 0 if structure is hit during cooldown

b) when shield generator/structure is switched on

  • when shield generator is switched off, still show saved shield charge in CP but color it red (fill area and %)
  • when shield generator is switched on, it takes 15sec (=cooldown timer) before shield is active
  • UI: during 15sec the shield % is blinking in red
  • after 15sec, the shield is active and has saved charge
  • cooldown timer is NOT reset to 0 if structure is hit during cooldown

Bonus: include your feedback about what weapons should bonus (only) damage to shields. Consider the current Block hitpoints. Consider Pentaxid as resource. Should it be made more rare? More expensive? Cheaper? Dedicated Pentaxid locations? etc.

The same goes with Base, CV and POI Shield generator. Please provide such template.
At least all of that is my job to do now.

Thanks for helping in advance to provide fun for everyone!

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I’m going to update this after my own testing on the shields but in the meantime:

I would like if pentaxid was more rare for shields. It would be cool to see it in more limited use but have the shields be very strong.
As pentaxid is used for warping as well, a vital aspect of the game for both new, old, PVE, and PVP players, I do not think it should be rare. I think there should be a bit more of it but have most of it reside in PVP. This gives people a reason to venture into PVP space if they want to use shields extensively.

I think plasma (all types) should shred shields. They’re already the hardest to hit with in any ship and as an energy weapon, it makes sense. Lasers (all types) should do base damage, they’re already heavily used in combat and I don’t think should be made into an all-round weapon.


every regen tick of the shield is like 3-4 seconds when taking damage and thats 100 per tick.
At 2k hp thats 20 ticks from 0 to 2k

The sv shield as it is, can be destroyed by a single drone in about 2 minutes.

I think we should make them recharge faster so that a shield can tolerate a couple of minigun drones or a troop of zirax at least to make them worth while against pve stuff.

The key is in the regen rate here and not the shield capacity of 2k

If the regen rate was 500 instead of 100 the shield would regen at much larger chunks on its ticks I presume.
Those chunks would be enough to rule out a drone killing your shields but not stave off pvp attacks.

Maybe the capacity could be cranked up also to say 3-4k ?

A sustained PvP assault from another sv would grind that down in no time still.

Another idea is too request a t2 shield for sv/hv also.
This shield we can configure to have a larger capacity say 10 or 20k, but set recharge to 0, it will only recharge after it has been broken.

t1 shield setup (recharge type)
ShieldCapacity: 3000, type: int, display: true
ShieldRecharge: 500 type: int, display: true

t2 shield setup (non recharge type)
ShieldCapacity: 10000, type: int, display: true
ShieldRecharge: 0 type: int, display: true

We can already do this with the 2 available cv shields, we can set one as a tank shield and one as a regen shield, I hope we can do something like that else its pointless to have a 16k hp shield and a 35k hp shield same sized device for 1 structure.

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Do we know yet how the shields interact with HWS config?

Will we see reduced shield damage based on what weapon hits a particular block or device?

It’s too early for me to propose changes or say that current values are all good, but I’d like to share my general feeling:

I’ve made a test of SV vs base shield, to my surprise I wasn’t able to get shield below 100% using 6 plasma cannons - it turned out it regenerated faster then I could damage it, first I thought it’s bad and it will have to be changed, but after thinking about it for a while I’d say it’s good - single sv or hv shouldn’t be able to destroy a base like it happens now. It’s also worth noting that base shield uses a lot of energy so large amounts of fuel or most likely alien cores will have to be used for them which is another good thing.

At this point given what I’ve learned from SV vs Base Shield test I’d say no bonuses at all, they would make shields easy too destroy. If someone places an alien core on PVP base or puts a lot of fuel in a base I think it’s fair that such base would need mass assault - not single sv/hv to be destroyed. Similar argument could be made for CVs, but to a lesser extend.

However, could also think about more complex cases - for example we could make CV plasma turrets usable on planets and give them bonus against shields - this way CV would actually be useful on planets as siege weapons and CV - CV battle wouldn’t be that long

One thing Eleon could change however is to make system more scalable - so for example shield strength/recharge rate would depend on available power from generators.

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That is what he’s asking. What are your thoughts on shield damage from various weapons. Think of shields as a new column in the EWS spreadsheet

Don’t think I worded my question correctly. Gonna give an example, with purely made up numbers, and made up modifiers.

If laser does base of 10 damage.
Against devices the modifier is x10
Against metal hard the modifier is x .1

If I shoot metal hard with laser, does the shield take 10 damage or does it take 1 damage?

If I shoot a device does the shield take 10 damage or does the shield take 100 damage?

Hopefully I did better this time :slight_smile:

I tested the tank shield theory out, I set a t2 cv shield to shieldregen:0 but the shields never recharged past 10% so the standby recharge timer after a shield has been depleted and the combat recharge timer are one and the same timer, they need 1 for each so that we can configure each separately to allow the additional concept of tank shield that does not auto regenerate in combat alongside the existing auto regen shield.

So if that sounds like a cool option then please support it @ eleon forum.
We could potentially see optional regen/nonregen shields.

It would only take shield damage x the shield damage multiplier for that weapon. Whether it be a thruster or hull that’s hit

I like the thought with shields of having them be your primary form of defense.

I would like to see shields bumped up hp wise and once shields are down the rest of your ship would basically be wet toilet paper.

It seems with shields and the HWS config were gonna be seeing longer fights then we have now.

I think the new shields for SV’s should have 50.000 HP or more, and then like Shojis says, we should decrease rest of the blocks HP.
When shields are on ships can’t be lagshotted, because the shield will simply take the damage, and i have tested that.
And just so you see what 50.000 HP is, then you can watch this video. Of course i’m standing still here, but this gunfire would be maybe 10-20 seconds of fighting.

(In this video, the SV has 50.000 HP)

I have to agree.

If we have a higher shield and let that be our hull strength instead, then when its down the blocks fall apart like paper.

And lagshot wont matter when shields are down if your ship is being proper ripped to shreds anyway with weaker block strengths.

It would be more realistic.

As stated the lagshot cannot penetrate shield, so the shield is our ship, the hull strength needs to be minimal.
Our blocks are only as strong as they are now because we don’t have shields.

I never gave it much thought until now because I was so focused on the idea of different shield types and trying to push for another type.

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About new alpha exp release, i think SV’s should have more or same shield HP as HV’s. HV’s are already super tanky, and aren’t that hard to anti-lagshot.

So maybe 50.000 for both.

Good idea but then what is the incentive to use steel or combat steel armor. We would all just build with plastic.