HWS 10 Teaser | HWS Config & EWS | Mass & Volume | Part 2

Hi HWS Community,

after a very long and stressful week I established myself more or less in the new home.
With the help of USB Tethering and other improvisations I try my best to finish HWS 10 in time.
Still, not with as many changes as I’ve hoped / planned.

Supporter / Requests which are still open, please send me a “poke”, so I can process them in a structured way again. Real life is crazy for me right now.

Anyways, in this teaser I want to highlight once more some changes in HWS 10 and welcome you to pre-test especially the HWS Config, since that thing is becoming more and more a game changer overall.

HWS Config & EWS

With the new EXP patch today I also uploaded the HWS Config to the official Eleon EXP server.

That being said please test following scenarios on that server until the HWS 10 release:

1. Testing Shields

1.1. Fight against player ships (“Dogfight” - SV, CV, HV)
1.2. Fight against player bases (with a SV and HV)
1.3. Fight against POIs (Planet and Space)
1.4. Keep in mind: Values may change.

2. Testing Mass & Volume

2.1. Transport Cargo from A to B
2.2. Check different Cargo Container regarding Volume
2.3. Check your Backpack Volume values in combination with different Armors and Booster
2.4. Keep in mind: Some Cargo is not added to your total ship mass & volume yet.

3. Testing EWS & General Stuff & Thrusters

3.1. test some reworked EWS properties. Alien Turrets are now aligned to Player turrets.
3.2. test the new Plastic (Carbon) and Shield properties in different situations
3.3. test drilling and multi tool action here and there.
3.4. test different thrusters with your SV and HV please. As I announced they are now linear scaling the bigger they get. The linear values are Mass, Energy Consumption, Volume and Thrust. I boosted the Generator a bit for that change as well
3.5. Keep in mind: The rate of fire of drills and tools are heavily nerfed by Eleon to a minimum of 0.5. We can’t make it faster anymore. I increased the damage to compensate it as good as possible.

Please protocol / report every observation in this topic here as reply! It will help a lot!

Mass & Volume

Some additions to my first teaser about that topic.

Exchange Window change (OCD, OAM)

Previously, if you pull stuff out of your OCD or OAM and leave stuff inside the “exchange window”, you were asked 3 times if you are sure to “send” the stuff back.
If you agreed three times, your stuff was send to trash and not back.
Finally we changed it with HWS 10 and you send your unwanted stuff for real back this time – assuming you still have room for the items in your OCD / OAM.

That means that I will reduce the massive backpack volume of 10 million with the Epic Armor a bit to bring back a little more immersion and value to other containers (see below).

Special Container

They will be removed out from your OCD and not possible to store them either (nobody has them in the OCD yet)

For Traders and Cargo hoarders there is a little bonus coming with HWS 10!
I was able to completely separate certain items out of the game.
That way you will find or buy some special containers in HWS 10 from NPC Traders, which gives you an extra boost to Container Volume space.

I’m really excited to your test results and how we can improve from here on!
I hope I have time to release another teaser and/or more content into HWS 10.

Feel free though to reply here changes you want for sure to be in HWS 10 and I see what I can do.

Thanks for reading and your patience!
See you in HWS 10!

Your HWS Team


SV Medium Thruster weight seems off. 650Kg of weight for 200kn of force where everything else’s power to weight is 1:1.

Good catch. It was wrong.
The “Block group” has no impact though.
Maybe to hide the mass all together then.
For now I try to display always the most heavy item in the group

So I fixed it to 300

Loving the change log that was just posted, have a clarification question about this:

" Reworked Xeno Block stats and crafting template
They are a very good alternative to Carbon Blocks. Cheaper to make, similar stats."

So, Xeno and Carbon will still be separate armor types (Hull Combat and Plastic), but will have similar HP/Mass?

Looking through CV’s I noticed some things. Firstly, CargoBox5 shape is only 100kSU where the rest are 500kSU. Also, the 1x1x1 box shapes have the same SU as the 2x1x1, 500kSU. Should the larger box hold more volume say 1MSU? Also the container controllers are 1MSU for a 1x1x1 shape, so why would I ever use cargo boxes? Perhaps the 1x1x1 form factor should have 1MSU and the 2x1x1 form factor have 2MSU?

Lastly, the container controllers between SV and CV have the same SU values (1MSU) but a 1x1x1 CV form factor has an in game size that is 9 times larger than a SV 1x1x1 form factor.

Thanks for the consideration.

Shields still too high for SV duelling. Blasting each other with pulse lasers didnt get either of us below 60% shield = fight all day.

However, when we turned shields off all sorts of mayhem ensued with the low block HP :slight_smile: quicker fights tick. Although I did die twice with my cockpit still intact.

Subsequent death messages were screwy - kept saying I died in an explosion when i died of starvation.

My backpack glitched 109m below me in bedrock - irretrievable.

HV test - shields much better but whole fight between 2 heavily armoured tanks lasted just 5 mins. Good or bad? personal preference - again the blocks are shredding like paper.

The nature of SV fights mean hits are less frequent so maybe shield HP or recharge needs a reduction for that.

Question, what weapons were used, primarily pulse or was plasma also used? Any other weapons?

CV test (Class 5s) - Shields inneffective on current settings. Helpful for stray shots from POIs, drones etc though.

Again another quick fight of 10-15 mins. Both ships were a mess but better than a 2hr slugfest? Gotta be.

Interesting few hours of testing. Game has changed radically. It will be interesting to see how designs and combat goes forward from here.

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Primarily pulse - plasma hits would have been fewer due to the nature of the fight. When we dropped shields - gentlemans agreement :slight_smile: we switched to homers and made some big holes.

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I took part in the tests with @Daddystu and agree with what he has found. One thing we did not try was SV v HV. I suspect that the SV weaponry will hardly touch an HV’s shields making them somewhat obsolete if an HV turns up to an SV fight.


SV Railguns are the killers of shields. A few good hits and shield is gone.

@Dr.Dark How’s that possible? SV Railguns are marked as ineffective against shields…?

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Hmm? I’m pretty sure in the last video rex made showing shields, railguns were really good. I might be wrong. I’ll check.

I checked. I was wrong. Nvm what i said above :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where is this excel file? Is it public?

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Changelog to HWS Config:

Updated Shield values and logic.

  • Previously all structures needed 10 seconds to get back to 100% shield. That was silly.
    See below for proper scaling.

  • Previously all structures needed 100 Pentaxid to 100% shield. That was silly.
    See below for proper scaling.

  • Previously CV hat 2,5m shield on T2.
    See below for proper boost.
    In combination with reducing the damage of Plasma Turrets. Before, if they hit you, you lost ~12% shield, which is too much.

SV = 10000 = 100
HV = 13333 = 150
CV = 25000 = 200
BA = 28000 = 250
CVT2 = 33333 = 300
BAT2 = 40000 = 350


SV = 1m
HV = 2m
CV = 5m
BA = 7m
CVT2 = 10m
BAT2 = 14m


SV = 10 seconds
HV = 20 seconds
CV = 30 seconds
BA = 40 seconds
CVT2 = 50 seconds
BAT2 = 60 seconds


10 seconds cooldown for all
  • Rebalanced damages

  • Rebalanced HV Thruster

  • Rebalanced Mass

In my tests it made more fun now.

Note 1: you guys are testing on EXP, dropping 50k-100k ammo in the box and wonder what is going on. Keep in mind that 50k stack sizes have to be respected now! Previously that would have been 50 slots = more than 3 ammo boxes placed.

Note 2: 50% HP block reduction = quick fights without shields was a community request. Yes, this is a new, high paced Meta.

For full changelog check the revision of the HWS Config / EWS topic:

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Good Morning @everyone
The first Release Candidate of Alpha 10 got released!

I see many players returning, which is very awesome. But keep in mind that Alpha 10 = HWS 10 will change quite a few things.
Especially the HWS Config (EWS) got changed a lot due shields and a new strong Carbon Block.
So be excited to almost enjoy a “new” HWS experience.

Note: The EXP server got updated with the latest HWS Config now.
With your feedback I reworked it quite a bit. In the EWS there is now a new “Very Effective” + “Effective” category now, to balance damage values better with a factor 5 instead of 10.
Homing Rockets no matter the weapon do now effective damage to Shields. The Shield Cooldown is different per structure too now.
Please read all the notes here and in the revision:

Last but not least prepare finally for a certain full wipe and start of HWS 10 early next week (Monday/Tuesday)!

There is one final Teaser Announcement coming with a big surprise for HWS 10! Stay tuned :smiley_cat: