HWS 11 Full Wipe Delay 😿 | Save the date

Dear HWS Community,

I know some of you were hyped about tomorrow, especially me, but unfortunately, I’m afraid to announce that we have to delay the full wipe…

When is the full wipe now? When starts HWS 11??

The HWS 11 season will start on 7th January 2020 now!

Yes, a 3 week delay is a shock blaster. Sorry for that!
I tried to make it work for the 1st January but Jascha is the whole week busy. And with such an important release I don’t want to handle 2 servers + potentially 300 player issues on my own - never again!

What does this mean in detail? Why?

Well, as I said already, this time, I want to make it a great release. The last 4-5 full wipes it felt never 100% good for me. I knew I missed some stuff and it was just to catch the dead-line.
No more. Especially with all the HWS 11 ideas, I would have been never ever able to make it playable until tomorrow. Too many dramas happened in the background, too many bugs were discovered, too many improvements were found and I’m quite burned out I can tell (a chilled family event, playing other games… I wish)

I am very sorry for those who were hyped and planned with it already! Would feel the same.
Then again, looking at the past or other rushed releases (…) and their negative impact, I’m just sick of it.
Yes I might lose players. Yes delays are always bad.
But HWS 11, with the new Universe should be something fresh and exciting for everyone. Hence my own expectations are too high this time to “just keep the deadline at all cost”.

By the way, during that time I will already start preparations in the current season. Like migrating all Deathmatch Events to the HWS Connect Event Manager, reactivating the Battle Royale Event and more. For everyone who want to have a chilled good preparation for the new season, has a good time now.

What happens with your Support Playfields and Discount?

First of all: you keep your Playfields until the end, no worry. Normally it is 90 days, but I will gift you 3 more weeks.
The guys who bought new playfields, will have theirs active at the new season as well with the full duration of 90 days. No loss either here.

The weekend discount was a scheduled event but will now be activated again until Wednesday and then again from 4-7th January as a compensation.

So again, sorry for your plans about having a nice holiday on a new HWS season - like last year.
After all the drama around the game, I just want to make it right on my end as good as possible. This is only achievable with time and sleep maybe…

Looking forward to the new season with you and be sure that we will work hard for it…

Have a nice Christmas holiday nevertheless and see you at the HWS Fireworks Event 2019->2020 :rocket:



@RexXxuS No worries. A wise arse once told me “You can have things done, or you can have them done RIGHT.” Eleon should take a page from that book and not rush to meet a deadline. Rushing is how mistakes are made and how small things are missed. Take your time and enjoy the holidays. Most of us feel you have more than earned it…


@RexXxuS With all the changes that Eleon have made “This is the right decision” it’s easy to forget that you and the team have had a stressful time with the cpu impact and the amount of work on the new universe is a huge undertaking.
I do hope you and the HWS team get some good family time and a well-deserved rest over Christmas.


3 more weeks whit out CPU :tada:


Man… went to sea, so perfect for me.
Take the time you need. But can you make a ingame message about it?

Have a lovely Christmas :heart:


Hmmm, that is a bit of a shame as I just liquidated everything but hey, it make me work harder to get OCD7 :P. Still, none can doubt that you have a much better idea of what you need to do for next season than we do Rexxus.

While I am sure you don’t want to reveal all your surprises for the next season, I’m sure there are others apart from me who would like to start building things in creative for the next season. I would be very grateful if you could give some guidelines on CPU (bearing in mind of course that you may change them later if need be):

  1. Will the CPU of devices and blocks be the same as vanilla or are there further changes expected?
  2. Will carbon blocks still exist in their HWS form (their drastically lower CPU obviously makes them better in next season).
  3. Will the maximum block size for SVs/HVs still be 3K on the tighter limited PVP worlds?
  4. Will some playfields still limit CVs to 150 blocks (or just as rumoured no CVs allowed at all on some) and others to class 1?

All good Rexx, just take your time and enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas Rexx, the HWS team, and to the HWS community. Have a great Christmas guys! :christmas_island: :christmas_tree: :gift_heart: :gift: :red_gift_envelope: :star_of_david: :candy: :candle:


Good idea Rex - better later and better
than before and as always :slight_smile:

Don’t worry we’ll wait :wink:



:grimacing:Mfw Already booked the time off work and spend days organised dozens of people, liquidising and calculating the money handed out to be carried over all for tomorrow.


Judging by the online you have been preparing since the beginning of the season


Clean communication.
Most of us are here for a quality server, and would rather wait a bit than having a buggy restart.
And since nobody lost nothing, nobody is allowed to complain…

Thanks to all crew members.


Recycled 3 ships for the core… lost the cores. Hehe

Hopefully, block limits get removed altogether. It’s a redundant restriction now as CPU inherently imposes block limits in its current form. Would also be nice to see class limit on planets bumped up to at least class 2.



I feel you brother.


Merry Christmas, @RexXxuS. My Best to you and yours. Have a Great Holiday!


Right choice

Not a problem. I can always find something to do in the game, and gather more resources. My OCDs are not full by any means, because I liquidated all my gold to buy OCD 7 on EU. NA OCD 7 here we come!


All good its actually nice to have it start after Christmas instead of just before. Im sure a lot of people would have been busy until after Christmas with family and such this way family gets the attention and when the wipe occurs after Christmas it will distract everyone from the pending Visa bill.

Have a Merry Christmas Rex and Jascha.

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Will the server still be updated to 11.5? My game auto-updated and now I’m locked out of the server.