HWS 11 | Introduction Video to the new Universe v11

Hi HWS Community,

with incredible help from our old friend @Achilles I am super thankful and proud to present to you a teaser video for our upcoming new HWS 11 Universe!

Map from @Ju - thanks so much :heart_eyes_cat:

Please note that the video or map does not contain all details. Some things just have to be discovered or to be told later… keep an eye out on the forum the next weeks and of course take your time to play the new HWS Universe. There are new things to be discovered I can promise…

Hope to see you all in the HWS 11 universe soon!
Your HWS Team


Is it a joke or sarcasm? or is my translator confused? :wink:

I don’t see darkworld.

I can honestly say this video has really moved me. I truly appreciate the hard work you and the entire team have put into this universe that we have called home. Home World, it’s the perfect name…


Is Homeworld System PvE?


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