HWS 11 pre season info (copy paste from Discord)

I remembered that some of you don’t have Discord, so please let me announce our current actions for HWS 11 here as well:

Today at 9:20 AM
Hey @everyone
yes, I’m still alive - some wondered.
Yes, there is no big hype teaser train this time. I’m sorry.
I am at my limits the last month and even though it does not look like this to you, a lot was going on behind the scene.
Creating a new universe took all of my time and strength. And even though it still needs some polish, I tried very hard to make the best out of it.
Anyways, more about that in an announcement soon.

Plan of today

As always, we will shut down the servers at around 5-7PM (server time. CET. Type cb:time ingame or check HWS Connect)
Then, I am afraid I can’t tell how long the switch will take. Please remember:

  • HWS NA will get a brand new server hardware with AMD CPU. :fingers_crossed:
  • A new universe means new playfields have to be adjusted regarding EAH limits, descriptions and zones. (walking inside a bank zone has fixed coordinates. flying inside Supergates has fixed zones. I have to touch ALL of them). the reason why we have to shut down and adjust ourselves before we open it up for you
  • We have tons of time table entries. Automated events at a certain time to regenerate POIs for example. They are bound to playfield names. Since we have a new universe… you figure
  • HWS Connect needs to get updated regarding new Daily Loot packages etc.

So I can’t stress out enough, that HWS 11 is the biggest season switch so far and takes more time than usual.
Be sure I am working non stop at it and hope the switch will be done fast but I can’t promise anything yet
I try to announce a teaser later.
Thanks for your understanding and patience! :man_bowing:

Today at 7:30 PM
Good evening @everyone
Thanks for the eager reaction :blush: Thanks for your understanding! I got a lot of messages “take your time”.
I even heard that some of you folks booked vacation, only for this moment. So it means a lot to me.

Our plan is in 30 minutes to shut down HWS and say good bye to an almost 4 month season…
We will then start to prepare a smooth start for you with up to date zones, timetable settings and more.
But also doing first a lot of maintenance like preparing the new HWS NA Windows Server 2019 (CSW etc.), cleaning up backups etc.

This can take very long time… I’m afraid to say … but maybe even until late night. I try to work the whole night on it, my last tribute to the last 2- as “young guy”… In few days I get 30 years old… :see_no_evil:
In any case, I need Jascha for a smooth season start, so yeah, expect it rather tomorrow guys. Sorry for your warmed up popcorn.
Thanks again for your understanding and see you on the other side! :rocket:


RexXxuSToday at 01:27

Status update @everyone Servers should be technically ready. Only thing missing is to fully apply the HWS Configs, Scenario (universe limits, etc.) and some more EAH settings. After 20 hours straight awake (for 2 days now) working on the release, I feel I’m not fast enough and making mistakes at the moment. I will do some power napping and be back on track! (I’m already too old…) Sorry for this ‘technical’ delay! After some final testing later I plan to release it latest at 5pm! (a time where Jascha and I am guaranteed available and time included for me to write finally a proper announcement for you) That is the deal! Thank you for pushing me with your excitement!