HWS 12 Reloaded | Lessons learned

Dear HWS Community,

here we go in round 2 or let’s call it “HWS 12 Reloaded”!

We learned our lesson regarding the database. We tried our best to identify all issues that could have cost us the corruption. We hope this season start will now hold until the bitter end!


The last 3 days I worked non stop to add some more content I missed last monday.

  • Added new Warp Drive T2 for your CV (higher range, more efficient for AU)
  • Added all Epic Armors and Boosters + in loot container
  • Adjusted volume again a bit
  • Fixed Epic Gift mission to a better way (without PDA)
  • Fixed some PDA issues
  • Fixed some Missions
  • Reduced Galaxy Star count from 10 000 to 7000
  • Reduced Nebula count a bit
  • Added Patreon Star. About 13 can be found in the whole galaxy
  • Prepared the new weapons Antimatter Cannon, Alien Rail Gun and M77 Torpedo launcher for a later patch.
  • Activated HWS PvP Radar feature. You get 1RP and 10000 credits per day

Thank you

I released the video about our issue and was quite done. I didn’t think it would get so popular. Thank you all for your kind words, for your understanding and support in these hard times!
It motivated me a lot.
Nevertheless I am very exhausted and IF this release is somewhat more stable I will “disappear” into something called “vacation” or so. Probably fake news but you know… let me dream :wink:

We wish you a great second start into HWS 12 and cross all fingers that it works this time!

Your HWS Team


I guess everybody cant wait to rejoin the Server, good Job RexXxus.

Take all the time you need after this days full of Work.


Yeah, just sitting and pressing refresh ^^

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Same here :stuck_out_tongue:


I for one welcome our reloaded overlords…

Guys, please do not login yet… We still need to do some stuff for a few minutes!


Why is noone loging in? We already startet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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damn… lets call it time difference


You are awesome guys


Full House - actually not seen in years now!


I just logged in. Performance is great now. But, what happened to the level 25 PDA mission? I can’t seem to find it…

It was a temporary gift.
If demand is high from those who missed it I could reactivate it for Sunday.


It’s nice to see the server so popular. But at the same time it raises two issues… It took some time for a slot to open up for me to get in. And once I was in the lag was enough that it caused me to DC multiple times. When I DC’d the third time my slot was taken and I couldn’t get back in. I think I’ll have to wait till the player base shrinks a bit before I can enjoy HWS.

Is this EU or NA?

Best regards,

Dear HWS Community @everyone
unfortunately we see those disconnects and issues (especially HWS NA) you have, with big worry. We are not 100% sure why yet and keep investigating but few points:

  • it COULD be that it’s because of the AMD CPU on HWS NA. We wanted to give AMD a chance but maybe Intel is still the superior here.
    Reminder about our Hardware:
    Server Hardware and Cost

  • the galaxy is not the enemy here. HWS 11 had over 200 playfields too and we had the same or little less opened playfields at the same time. I crawled the database and found many playfields with less than 10 frames per second (FPS). THIS is why you disconnect so often.
    It’s called “playfield process weight”.
    And for that a change came in with Alpha 12. In HWS 11 PvP playfields claimed a whole process for their own. It was not shared with other playfields. Now it is shared again. So it could be that ECC and Golden Globe could share their weight…
    There is a new flag in the playfield.yaml to control the process weight per playfield.
    I will try it out on HWS NA tonight. For now only Golden Globe.
    Explanation: if multiple playfields share their process it is in general good for hardware performance. Less process = less hardware consumption. But sharing… well, if one gets broken, others too.

  • As a temporary test… we also set the player slot count of HWS NA tonight to 130. Maybe it will show us if it’s because of the CPU or not.

Sorry overall for the inconveniences. I’m quite upset about it.


Yeah, but “temporary” didn’t even last 24 hrs and a lot of people couldn’t log on the first night as the server was full.

@RexXxuS just throwing this out there, has anyone run any hardware diagnostics on the NA server? this is seeming more and more like a hardware issue (im leaning towards RAM & hard drive.) It just seems there is a bottleneck slowing traffic somewhere. it is very possible the AMD just can’t multitask as good as intel though :frowning:

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So I have ventured to EU and started exploring. Noticing the same disconnect issues there as well just not as frequent. I honestly think it is directly related to the scanner. I did post my concerns in Eleon’s feedback section. hopefully this is looked into and resolved soon.

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