HWS 12 | Save the Date | 15/16th June 2020 - Evening!

Dear HWS Community,

it’s time: the date is more or less set.

Release of HWS 12: 15th June 2020 (if all works)

Fun is over. I still have to do some obstacles like updating the Invader vs Defender Scenario for Eleon but I really try hard to create an awesome start into HWS 12.

Unfortunately I can’t even announce all the new stuff we prepared for you.
Trying though… maybe with videos … stream(?) after the release.

Anyways, I’m very excited about the biggest release we had yet. Honestly too excited and sometimes suffering the big pressure.
But fingers crossed…

Thanks for your patience and especially a huge shoutout to our HWS Patrons, supporting us throughout these difficult times.
Remember, our season started at 7th January(!!!). We never had such a long season, so your support motivated us and helped us a lot in some quite bad times.
I’m more than thankful and hope to see you all in HWS 12.

All the best.
Your HWS Team

From Discord: You can become a recruit master in HWS 12 - but you have to dominate the others from time to time :wink:


About time Elon Ps Rexxus when will we know how meany turrets we can have on are hvs ba cvs?