HWS 12 Teaser | Apartments to rent | Video

Dear HWS Community,
we continue to share a teaser, @Ju worked very hard for and it’s a request / feedback from many of you for a long time now!

Please watch the video but note it’s in german - for english subtitle please click on the sub button at the bottom right:

HWS 12 Teaser Apartment Video

Also please note it’s an experiment for us to see if it’s accepted by you at all.
In our opinion the superb location and the reduced price of only 50 million credits per season will make it a perfect shot.
To maximize the convenience you can upgrade your Apartment with a personal Stargate to create your own Universe Network in HWS 12.

Last but not least for our HWS Patrons, there will be dedicated Hotel only for you. One of each listed Patreon Tier Level can claim a Key by me. First come, first serve :wink:

(screenshots are work in progress)

There are more ideas and possibilities behind it. For example:

  • later you can buy Tokens for your own private Bases. It is totally optional though, because Eleon added the “Private” Lock Codes. But you know, a Token is an item, you could give out to your recruited members instead :wink:
  • we could apply the Apartment idea for player owned Structures. So you can go for a dedicated “Job” in HWS - being a Receptionist and selling Apartment Tokens to other players and earn the Money out from it.
  • we could make some Apartment Auction based. The highest bidder gets it. Auctions in general are one of the coolest form of “Player Economy flow” I think :wink:

If you have suggestions, feedback or else, please leave a comment below.
We are very excited to see how all turns out and are in general happy to see you are excited for HWS 12.
No other season required so much hard work from us but that motivates us a lot and we hope it all works out for you :slight_smile:

All the best.
Your HWS Team


Ok i am buy it, give me 2 :slight_smile:

I like it.
What happens if you lose that apartment key/token?
Do you have to keep it on you always? Or does it forever recognize you after you use it once and “claim” it?

It’s a cool feature but that would be quite a turn off if you lose the apartment if you die and lose that key or something like that.

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Requesting Patron Key for Hotel (HWS Meta Patron)

Yes, Tokens are items like Money Cards etc.
To open Token specific Doors, you have to carry them around. This will count also for Freelancer Code Doors soon :wink:
You can sell them, gift them, lose them - as you figured; a big deal.
We will think about that how to deal with it then.
“I lost my Apartment Token” (even though you didn’t) would be a big deal for us to verify, since you can sell them for a lot of money… a question of exploit, you know?

But since in real life, we maybe change the whole token code then for a little fee, so the old one becomes obsolete anyways :wink:


Perhaps to mitigate the loses of misplacing a token, we could have a Personal Locker at the front door that has an ability for us to place the token inside. The only issue would be the EGS HQ faction rep mission for the epic gift in the personal locker instead… that may need to be moved.

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Another option might be to create all the tokens over HWS Connect.
That way you’ll have logs over who has what tokens.
I don’t know if that’s possible?

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Hmm… personal container in those Hotels / Apartments is something interesting… thanks for the idea. (The Epic Gift in HWS 12 is reworked and different, the EGS HQ has nothing to do with the Hotels)

Yes, before I deal with any “item” stuff, I made sure to track it.
We can track any Token with any Meta info.
Good idea with HWS Connect. It is still a bit more to code (API, etc.), so maybe in the next step.


I feel like this is a dream realized…i wonder what other keys/tokens the universe has to offer…

Rumor has it the key to RexXxus legendary ship in ECC went missing somewhere in the universe, not sure if its true but apparently it has 50,000,000 cash hidden on board and there is only 1 key in the entire universe

wonder where it could be :thinking: :money_mouth_face:


I like the apartment feature and it’s nice to see that becoming a reality. But I do have to wonder, will the apartment owners get a break from ship taxes in ECC and ECC System depending on apartment location?

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See the screenshot
The Apartment itself is set to Admin faction = no tax.
But if you park vessels nearby it will cost.
Another incentive for Stargates :slight_smile:

Hi Rex,
i know you have extreme much to do. But i should post that now before someone else does that. The first days you had to much to do.

I wanted to request the Hotel Key for Patron Meta (as above already written).

No time worry, can be in a week too.

awesome ^^
looks great Ju
I would like to reqeust a petreon key for elite please

keep up the good work ^^

I would also like a Patreon (Elite) Key.

The look very cool.

Two questions:

  1. The ones on ECC planet have teleporters, are they set to an admin system or can you teleport there from orbit/other sectors?
  2. For tokens in general (and the freelancer one in particular) can we have them as ultra epic items allowable in OCD?

Admin. Fixed teleporter targets.

Most likely: no. As long as this game is unstable and/or prone to dupes, nah :frowning:

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I’d like the Patron (Pro) Key if you haven’t given it away already. :slight_smile: