HWS 12 Teaser | New Mission with advanced Dialogues Feature

Dear HWS Community,

while I still follow my ambitious plan to have all 36 EGS HQ Stargates ready for you to play, I tackled a bit more advanced idea.
The combination with player inputs and Dialogues.
It is still very simple but a good foundation I needed few days to build.

Please watch some impressions of it here:

Such missions are planned around the whole HWS Universe. So always look out for mysterious codes… they might be useful :wink:

On a personal note I’m quite at my limits. I can’t stress out enough how huge and great Alpha 12 is!
I mean the possibilities to build incredible content for you, no matter if PvE (Dialogues, POIs, universe, etc.) or PvP (new Configs, gameplay, features) are endless now.
But Eleon just gave us the option to make all of this possible. In the end we, Scenario Creator, have to make this real too.

That being said, as I already said in my Steam review, SP is just a tiny little piece of Empyrion.
Scenarios like Project Eden or we in MP try our best to implement all of that cool stuff.
Overall though: it needs a bit of time and it will only get better over time! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your patience and I’m very excited for HWS 12!
Hopefully it all works out and after 1+ year, I can have a little bit of vacation :sunglasses:

Your HWS Team


The possibilities with this are immense. I can see where this dialog system can assist in many other things already in place. The NPC traders could be used to give clues to other hidden markets or special missions. We could have NPC tour guides on starter planets and many other areas that can give out random helpful hints about the current sector and potentially clues for other hidden gems in the universe. Already I can see a lot of comical dialog situations once we have the ability of hiring NPCs that follow us into battle.

Side notes on this specific example: The server room hack idea is insanely awesome! The CPU extenders may be a better look if u can find a way to force that texture. But most serious, not a big fan of the time consuming code entering by raising and lowering numbers, we have 10key for entering codes. the days of shorting out wires for code entry are long gone :frowning:

Either way go get some much needed rest. You have more than earned it on this fun adventure we are all in together.


this can help with an idea i have been spinning for a heist mission that requires you steal a ship from inside a heavily guarded station.

the scene: players are mercenaries for hire. their mission is to board an advanced research station and commandeer a prototype ship designed for mass destruction. then bring it back for hefty reward.

teleport (beam) to the station. fight or sneak to the server room. disable base defense turret systems. pilot the prototype ship to another base for payment. then teleport back home.

lots of possibilities with storyline content here as well.

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Really cool.

About other ideas how you could “hack”, maybe something like this from Assassins Creed Black Flag?


oo perhaps disabling turrets triggers a “lock down” and the hangar door needs a circuitry hack like this :slight_smile:

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Blows my mind what could be achievable here…

Some of my ideas would be

  • Bank Heists
  • Base/Ship/Station Infiltration Missions
  • Jail Breakout Missions
  • Treasure/Resource Hunting Missions

I mean combine this kind of stuff with tokens/keys you could have exclusive missions/areas depending on origin, unlock-able areas that you can only get to by progressing through the HWS story

basically you can create a completely unique story within HWS that players can follow, set engaging missions and immerse players within HWS without always the need for stargates to ‘start a mission’

you could just stumble upon a POI that you have to break into, or a resource depot…or a rescue mission or artifact retrieval…

basically the universe is your oyster :smiley: