HWS 13 | Bug Hunt Season

Good Evening HWS Community,
I spent the last weeks mostly with investigating major bugs, which have massive impact on your gameplay.

  1. How damage is dealt in moving objects. An error in the calculation of moving colliders.
  2. The Dialog database corruptness (TEAM variables = 0)
    I can tell you the Dialog error, was one of the hardest bug I found in the last 4,5 years doing this kind of stuff and took me really many many hours.
    But I found for both issues a 100% reproduction case and the next patch will hopefully fix both once and for all.

With this video I also want to highlight that it is not “my broken config” and other complains I hear about our work. It is just an Empyrion Bug:

Thanks to all who somehow helped me with that and I know how frustrated some players are because of it.
Be sure I will continue hard to improve HWS and Empyrion!
Thanks for your patience and support so long! :bowing_man:

P.S.: You unfortunately can’t avoid both bugs… for the Dialogue one, until the fix, just make always sure to note down how many Promotion Points etc. you had, so in worst case I can restore them.


Gotta love the name - Bug Hunt Season. Simple, descriptive and seemingly (unfortunately) very apt. Keep up the good work Rex, we do appreciate it.

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Hello HWS Community @everyone
as you can see Patch 1.1.7 got applied.
I really hope that will fix the Dialogue (TEAM) issue once and for all and I can start to work on immersive and fun journeys for you in HWS 14.

This patch also includes a first version of a fix of the bugged moving collider. This means shield and block damage is properly applied, even when you move or roll. Obviously, if you thought that you are “invincible” before, should change and you will probably die very fast now.

Please let me know if something is still wrong.