HWS 13 /\ Empyrion 1.0 | The inevitable

Dear HWS Community,

it’s the 5th August, it’s the release of Empyrion 1.0 - leaving Early Access, leaving Alpha:

The HWS 13 Release… on 7th August! …

I pushed and pushed but panic mode won: I was not able to finish in time!
You can’t imagine how frustrating and disappointing this is to me but it is just too much…
I really want to deliver an awesome season to you after such a horrible worst HWS 12 season, due Alpha 12 (corrupt database, disconnects, etc.)

That being said: I can’t. I just can’t do the same mistake as I did on 23 June and release something not finished. You deserve much better!

And even though in terms of marketing I really wanted to align HWS 13 with the v1.0, is it really worth? No. I am grateful for such a great community and many told me every time: make it ready instead of a buggy start.

I don’t know how much I am able to complete until Friday but the quality is much much better than right now.
Basically imagine that I prepared for months all bits and pieces but now the final little time is needed to put all those pieces together.

I’m sorry if you are disappointed but hope you can understand.

All the best nevertheless and hope to see you in a great HWS 13!

After word

I will patch to v1.0 now of course. You can play. Many will be confused. Spread the word please.
Nothing changes basically till Friday. See the v1.0 changelog… it’s just a bug fix patch…
HWS 13 has more to offer…
Until then, I just keep the 20% Discount running, reduce my available time even more (Jascha is for longer in vacation and I just can’t keep up with doing so much), please keep testing the new HWS Config and thank you so much for your patience!!


I said it by last full wipe, and I’ll say it again.
Take you’re time :wink: We’ll still be here in 2 days.
Rather a few more days of A12, then a HWS 13 which is very unfinished :wink:


Chill a bit Rexx!!! Just take the Time you need.


Take all the time you need, Rex. Thank you for patching the server so people can still play, and do look after yourself in between. Self care is more important than a few days delay. We all work better when we’re rested.


I only wish this announcement had come yesterday before I recycled everything :slight_smile: But you are absolutely right to wait until S13 is ready. I don’t know if I’d last through another season like 12, so take your time and do it right.


Take it easy, bro. I’m surprised you are targeting this for Friday. Every time a new patch comes out, you should give yourself at least a week. No rush. Don’t burn out: game development is an endless journey. No need to loose sleep.


Heh, to friday? Easy.

There was a rumor that next patch will be PvP patch looong time ago. So I waited. For 4 years. That patch never came out.

I can easily wait to Friday :smiley: No rush Rexxx and dont belive what they say under Fixed…



hehheh i joke. seriously though, take a break and relax. most of us prefer well rested gods. this gives a bit more time for those “last minuters” to rush :wink:


It’s a good thing to delay. No doubt eleon will release another patch between now and friday to fix bugs introduced with v1.0


I think you should always do the wipe a couple days after update. it would make things easier for us also.
*we would always know we have 2+ days after the release.
*give you more time.
*always mass bugs in first few days anyway.
*just make sure eleon always leaves the ability to go back to previous version with “beta”
*Nothing worse then unpacking, then repacking a day later.


As I hit the confirmation button to recycle my base last night I thought “maybe you should keep something in inventory just in case”. This is probably my fault, if I’d waited everything would have gone as scheduled but since I had to be prepared for once in my life karma kicked me and by extension everyone else.


good day RexXxuS

tak all time you need
Rather beginning a week later then a crappy start
Restwel be well

good luck


Showing my support on being well rested. Less mistakes are made, and we’d rather have it right, than right now.


Make it Awesome. Your entire creation is Awesome. It takes the time it takes. Being the Creator and the Marketing Department all by yourself and the owner, you have a unique perspective on what is truly best for the community. Empyrion was in Alpha for 1000 years, another week, another month, whatever it takes for you to create the best Empyrion Experience possible is a long term investment, not just for today’s crowd but for every new Empyrion gamer that has yet to experience perfection.

You Rock - Do what you do best! Everyone else who needs a diaper changed can find an online nanny.

Thanks Rexxus!


Love you Rex.

To all those rushing you, they don’t deserve you.


Take all the time you need Rex but one little favor,can you give our toon’s knees like the lowly Zirax have? I know cloning is hard and well knees are complicated. Do your best like you always do!

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RexXxuS, just put a good product out. You always been very good with player support with us users. This not last college term project or term paper that is due. Just do what need do, make server run well. Thank for keep us inform.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Take it easy. We’ll still be here when it’s ready. I’ll admit, I took off work Wed-Friday to game for endless hours on the new HWS “season”, but I’m honestly not upset. Yes I was looking forward to playing from scratch on Prototype and hopefully playing without countless disconnects and mind numbing bugs, but I am happy to wait a couple of days for a true HWS experience… Bugs happen and work is often times more time consuming than expected, but what you and your team have created here on HWS is truely spectacular and well worth any additional wait. Take care of yourself and remember to have fun. Thank you for all that you do!

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Hi Rexx,

I see we are still on HWS 12. No problem. I understand there is a lot of work to do before you can launch and taking care of yourself is more important than anything else (and you always work harder than you should). Just let us know when you think HWS 13 will hit Empyrion :slight_smile: And it is fine if it takes longer then you expected/would like it to be. We will still be there…