HWS 13 | Sorry for the delay!

Hello Dear HWS Community,
ok… without much words. I failed again.
I had to rest the last hour and just can’t keep up for now. The pressure is too big. I motivated myself to release today, to somehow get ultra powers to make everything ready the last hours. Feeling the adrenaline kick, you know.
But I am not satisfied at all with my progress. Typical Empyrion bugs ruined my flow. Sloppy mistakes came in.
It sucks a lot to see you all hyped. Myself included. But important parts are not good enough yet and I can’t make them ready during runtime (Galaxy, POIs, etc.) I don’t want to betray anyone, especially me.
Due the delay it is also at high risk that something happens over the weekend and I am not available the whole Sunday (real life happened, family emergency)
I’m upset about myself that I keep making the same mistakes about putting deadlines, causing inconveniences for you, instead of “release when ready”.
I need to work on that heavily and start now!
It is almost there, yes, but I see the reviews on Steam about v1.0, I see your / my expectations and would right now rather disappoint all.
I’m very sorry. :pensive:
I will let you know about my progress and the HWS 13 release very soon!


No need to be sorry. Relax. Take a break. Have a nap. Have a coffee. Watch a movie. Have another nap. Get fresh and come back when you’re ready.


Everything is fine, take your time.


Look @ it this way your putting to much of a time constraint on yourself. I can honestly see it being released next month. your issue is your trying to stay up with the studio expectations when they release there are always bugs etc but they have no choice when to release to keep there funding…

Honestly take a break have a sit down smoke a pipe eat some mushrooms listen to some heilung and i bet the issues will come to you :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding about this part :stuck_out_tongue:

remember the old saying 4 eyes are better then two and 6 are better then 4 go thru the coding and check were the conflicts may be then it will release faster. and more efficiently without bugs…

remember your doing design story creation stuff that a studio does but with more folks one lynch pin can throw the whole thing out of whack.


Hey Rex,

It’s not a disaster, but I think some things could be done better to avoid repeating this in future.

First of all I think last season was just too short, it’s third wipe in short period of time. I understand that you wanted to align new season with Empyrion 1.0, but since that was a bugfixing patch I don’t think it was worth rushing stuff and another wipe in such a short period.

Fixed wipe days are a bad idea, I think it should be replaced with more flexible notification system:

  1. When you are ready with most features, 2 weeks before expected wipe you should give a notification that wipe can happen after certain date.
  2. Later, when you are just polishing stuff, you should give notification that wipe can happen after 5 days…
  3. When you finish everything that you can do without wiping the server and you are ready you should give notice that wipe will happen next day at 5 pm.

If you are feeling there might be a delay during any of these periods you should notify that as soon as possible. It’s better to wait 7 days for a wipe than wait 5 days and then 2 more days after you packed all your stuff and have nothing to do


No need to follow eleon deadline mistakes. The more time you take, the better next season will be. S12 was cut short due to rushing of the development team to meet a date rather than a status goal. No need for you to go insane trying to follow suit. We all know you need to take care of yourself before any one of us. Without real life, this universe would not exist.


Sounds to me like you’re putting far too much pressure on yourself man.

This game is way more enjoyable thanks to your efforts. I’d rather you enjoy what you’re doing too. I hate turning in stuff just because of a deadline when I know a little more time would allow a product more representative of my capabilities. On that front, I get where you’re coming from.

Pandemic, family emergency, people putting pineapple on pizzas… there’s enough to stress out about. Don’t let this fun thing become one of them.


Be at peace Great Artist. There is nothing to apologize for. Hype and Adrenaline can make us say things, but peace of mind gives clarity of thought which allows your creative genius to flow. My recommendation is to say “for now” TBD (to be determined) on when. Eleon finally has it’s 1.0 woo hoo release, but most of us have been playing Empyrion like it was released years ago. We are all excited to see what your magic will look like. You do you. We will all be fine.

Rest as you need, a rested mind is a sharp mind. I believe in you Rexxus.

You will know when it is ready and we will ALL BE Surprised.


I personally think you can see from all the comments were behind you 100 percent take your time and don’t rush remember life happens take care of that first then game can come secondary remember games are replaceable but life isn’t.


Take your time Rexx, listen to your body; if its telling you that your tired, take a rest, and if it helps; listen to some calming music. I think i can speak for most of us here; that we understand, so take your time. :slight_smile:


I am completely agree with Darth, we know it’s alot of work to be done and the deadline only supose more preassure for you Rex, take the time you need.

I will personally understand all the stones you find on the way, and the delays, but just find a way to make it simpler and more bearable for you :wink:



I think I speak for all of us when I say…

Take your time. Get your rest. We understand.


Hello Dear HWS Community,
let me repeat what I wrote before today:

I am alive!
And I am sorry for the “radio silence”.
Some said it already.
The reason why was because I was mainly disappointed about myself. Doing yet another mistake not keeping you informed about my progress… sigh

Anyways, here we are, I worked the last 5 days non stop to deliver an even better product to you.
Once again, I’m sorry for all this mess. Never happened in the last 4+ years and will never happen again!

My current plan is to wait for the upcoming v1.1 patch:

So IF the Patch does not go live until 5PM we will wait for it. Otherwise please prepare and spread the word for the final full wipe date: Tomorrow 5PM (in 24 hours and 10 minutes)

Thank you for your patience and overall positive and motivating PMs I got! I really appreciated them! :bowing_man:


Rexx, I think we all agree that its good to hear from you! More than a few of us have been concerned with your well being. Thanks for all the hard work, and maybe take a day off…!!!


I’ll match his suggestion of a day off, and raise him 2! Take 3 days off!

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Hey, good to hear from you :slight_smile:

Someone sent me a few leaked Pics and I think everyone should see in what condition you are after these stressfull days.


RexXxus before a Burnout:11119

His Workplace: 11111

RexXxs Kitchen: 11112

Jascha looks a bit better after his Holiday: 11118

Jaschas Workplace:

So i think now everyone understands if you take a few days off.
And maybe you two can get a cleaner.

Best regards and stay Healthy


Dude chill finaly, you are doing a great work! Take some rest. See ya in space.

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