HWS 13 | T.E.A.M Industries Introduction

Good Evening HWS Community,
first of all I want to thank you for your understanding and warm words about the delay.
The 2 days helped really a lot. I would of course still love to have more time but sooner or later there needs to be an end.

Many wondered what this “TEAM” Tower is, so Achilles was kind enough to make a video explaining it. Not much spoiler but just as a little introduction, reducing the wait time for HWS 13. :slight_smile:

We are exciting for your feedback and already looking forward in adding much more to that. See you all tomorrow.


This sounds like a really good idea.
Will definitely be fun to try this next season. I quite like the organization idea, and I think it’d be awesome if that got expanded somehow in the future. Maybe take some inspiration from GTA Online?
Allow us to buy access to certain “locations” which would allow us to perform some special contracts.
And (I don’t know if this is already a thing), but it’d be cool if others could join your organization and contracts contribute to a common bank.
@Achilles :point_up_2:


I realy like the idea. Looking forward to it. I am wondering if it is just individual contracts or also team/faction contracts? and are the certificates tradable?
As for VIP rewards, you could go for something like a permanent 1 level upgrade of OCD or something like that. Maybe only 1 per season. Connect the rewards to the HWS services.


This sure sounds like a lot of work has been put in to it, as well as thought and consideration. I will like to see it in action and understand how this new currency will be affecting the economy too.


is there a time on wipe ? as want to get on as soon as possible.

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Tomorrow sometime.


This should play well with the synergy idea. Can’t wait to learn all about it :slight_smile: