HWS 14 Mid Season Patch | Valentines Day Event | 4 new Stargate Missions | Battle Royale, Eton and other Events | HWS Roadmap

Dear HWS Community,

this will be a little bigger post after awhile again, grab something to drink :slight_smile:

After a lot of thinking about the recent months and regaining motivation slowly, I wanted to release this mid season patch and a roadmap of what I plan to do with HWS.

Happy Valentines Day

No matter if you are Single or not, we tried to provide a nice Event for you either way.
IF you have a best friend though, please try our new Valentines Day Event Mission in EGS HQ.
It has some nice goodies for you inside and if you are a HWS Patron, even a new Skin item.

This ultra unique love glasses with ultra love zoom :heart_eyes_cat:

Just make really sure to use Voice with your friend to coordinate Coop puzzles inside in a good way

@Ju always wanted to do a Coop mission with a special touch, so we hope you like it.
The Valentines Day Event will run 1 week, until Sunday, 21th Feb. 11pm.

New Stargate Missions

It took me too long to implement but finally, 3 new Community Contributions came in. Thanks again to @FionnMacCumhaill and @Sparco

The missions are:

They are all insane and each needs a team for sure to succeed. Good luck!

Event Reincarnation

First of all, it’s not really an Event, but “The Sphere” is finally back too!
Find it in the Black Hole for big rewards and a PvE POI challenge, you won’t forget.

The Battle Royale, Eton, Tower Jumper and Quake FPS Events are starting tomorrow (to focus today on the Valentines Event). At the beginning it will be test driven. Especially the Format about our Queue based Event System.
It means Eton for example does not run daily anymore statically but as soon as you want it. Someone is the Host, calling others to join and the Event Manager will host the Event then. This is the plan at least. It’s new and I have to test it in combination with the Planet claim duration still.
If it does not work on Events like Eton, where you get a whole Planet as reward, I plan to run the Event weekends and not daily anymore.
The main reason I did Eton every day back in the day was, we had not much Events in the first place.
My goal is to create 7 cool Events, that run every day each. If you do not like one of it, you can wait for the other.

HWS Roadmap

Last but not least the HWS Roadmap. The biggest topic of everything actually. I spent a very long time thinking about.
I could write many pages about the current feeling of the game, about my current status with HWS but I doubt it’s interesting for you, so in terms of things for you to know, here it is.

HWS Reforged Eden (HWS RE)

I plan, probably around 1st March (5th Year Anniversary), to start a new, third HWS Server, running Reforged Eden on it, in combination with all HWS Features*.

That means HWS Connect, OCD, EGS Recycle and much more, you know and like already.
BUT with some crucial changes overall I want to highlight quickly:

  • 100% PvE Reforged Eden
  • No Cross Server Warp, because it is not possible in the first place (too many different items, configs, etc.)
  • BUT a new mechanic called “Cross Events / Cross Missions”. You get important items on HWS RE you need on HWS EU / NA and vice versa (not mandatory, just you know, prestige).
  • OCD will work differently on HWS RE to respect the immersion of the Scenario. OCD will only work in OCD Zones, even if you have OCD Level 5-10.
  • The EGS HQ in the Center will be your Zone and Hotspot to always meet other people and use the core HWS Features (Bank zone, etc.)

Alright, wait wait wait. Now, what about HWS EU / NA? And why Reforged Eden?
To be honest, Ravien and Vermillion are doing a great job and it is not unseen by me. You know already I use already some of their stuff (e.g. Grenade Launcher) in HWS EU/NA already but always had a conflict in me about it. Cause it’s a fact that HWS and Reforged Eden can and will never ever be able to merge. Our Configs are too different, Reforged Eden is a PvE focussed Scenario and some Story conflicts are just too big.

Still, I got requests about that and I saw the opportunity to enhance RE with HWS Features, so it maximize our 5 years experience running HWS already and expand it to a kind of new player base.
That being said, I rather see the HWS RE server as a new entry point for new players than our Veterans, especially PvP Veterans of course. Still, maybe they want to chill in a big PvE Story with their friends too.
And it is how it is… the last 1-2 years I was very deep burried in PvP dramas and Bug hunting sessions, so my Story and Content got more and more drifted away from me - with full regrets and sadness I have to say.

Nevertheless, my plan is not to forget about HWS EU / NA now.
Not at all! Since I create a strong PvE fundament on HWS RE, my plan for HWS EU / NA is leaning more towards PvP there.
I will concentrate on more PvP Events (Casual style), more PvP gameplay elements and eventually rebalancing HWS Features towards the core PvP driven mechanic available: territory and resource conflicts.
However, PvE on the other side, the Elemental Stone Story, the EGS HQ Missions, our Clone Story etc. will be perfected and converted into a PvE Campaign.
This is my plan for 2021.

HWS RE = long term PvE gameplay to chill with friends or alone
HWS EU / NA = PvP focussed Events and resource / territory driven mechanics boosted
HWS EU / NA = Coop/Solo/Big Faction PvE Campaign and mechanics (coming reworked [Commodity] Economy) to support the PvP players in their combats and doing dedicated challenging PvE Missions.

Please let me know what you think about my plans or if you have questions.

Either way, we wish you a nice day, thank you for your support and patience in the current difficult times with Empyrion and hope, you enjoy your stay here on HWS nevertheless!

Your HWS Team


This sounds awesome, maybe even a reason to begin playing normally again :slightly_smiling_face: But it sounds like it’ll be rough managing a third server which isn’t another “twin” to EU on NA servers, remember to take care of yourself too.


well))Good luck and patience))it all sounded very impressive


I agree with dark, another server to maintain/fix whatever you want looks very tedious.
But sounds really amazing.
Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now this is interesting. Now if you merge these two together including the pvp aspect this could indeed be some of the best aspects of empyrion merged into one.

I believe it is possible to merge these two features including the pvp aspect together.

You can simply make some playfields pvp and there you go you have it.

This is great news! I’ve been playing RE with friends and it’s very fun to play Empyrion as an “actual” survival game. Vermillion and Ravien have done tremendous work! I really appreciate this decision Rex, as I prefer RE for much more in depth and logical changes to the flight mechanic and CPU.

My only suggestions if you don’t mind are:

  1. Don’t make it too easy, the most attractive thing about RE is the actual difficulty and ability to adapt and engineering ships more intelligently.

  2. Don’t exclude PvP zones, the ones that occur naturally. Due to the size of the galaxy, and fixed proxy logs, it’s virtually impossible to be found most times. Also the feeling of being in PvP is somewhat exciting. Another reason would be that PvP is so difficult to do in RE, a lot of PvE players would probably have devastating ships anyway. At the very least, if this can’t be done, perhaps an accessible playfield for players to test designs against each or consensual combat would do?

  3. Mass/Volume. I know this is important to you, as you stated. It would be great if the model is as close to proper Mass/Volume limitations in my personal opinion, as this is core to RE gameplay.

  4. Armour, please give more durable armour… it’s needed in RE haha!

These are just my opinions and I hope they help. RE is best enjoyed as difficult as possible with very little help from OCD etc. Would be great to have to make cargo carriers to visit the OCD zone with.

Once again, thanks Rex and Ju ! It’s very exciting and I know it will be fantastic as everything you try to do.

Best of luck!


I am doing my happy dance right now!!! HWS RE is for me!! I enjoy HWS and have made some new friends. I like that I can support you in some way, but I’ve missed my time with Reforged. I look forward to HWS RE! Thanks!

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Thanks for your feedback @Mars

Do you mean our HWS Features with that? OCD?
I think OCD only usable in Zones, is a good compromise, no?

I thought about it this night a lot… issue is I’m an autist here and there and if I say 100% PvE server but 2 playfields are PvP… well…
But overall, with the Mass/Volume limits from Reforged Eden and everything else, it might be interesting to see PvP with tight limits as well.
So I tend to implement like in EU / NA a Homeworld PvE and Homeworld PvP System.
Homeworld PvE System = ECC where OCD and the other zones are
Homeworld PvP System = only Black Hole and Golden Globe, the only 2 PvP playfields in the whole Galaxy.
They are in the center of the RE Galaxy and rather seen as lategame. Noobs should not be stumble over the PvP playfields I hope.
But if it’s still a Problem, we can make Black Hole only reachable by Supergates. Supergates are like an active agreement to enter the hot zone.

For those 2 PvP playfields we also set some limits. I mean the global blueprint limits will be like, Class 50 or so. But for PvP I keep Class 5 for Black Hole and 1 for GG.

I can imagine those 2 PvP hot spots might be the hottest ever then.

Hello. Will it be possible to move to a new server with all the achievements and resources? Or will everything have to start from scratch?

Start from scratch.

Is it possible to do a server warp jump?

For now: no.
too many items are not compatible between each other. Too different blocks for ships, also not compatible. Different economy,
RE = Max. Class 50.
EU / NA = Max. Class 7.

I will add Cross Server Missions though, where you need to do something on EU / NA to progress in RE and vice versa. A lot will be possible in the future.

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Спасибо большое за ответ