HWS 14 Season Start Info | What is coming in Season 14?

Hello HWS Community,

as always, the last 3 days before an “official” full wipe, are the times where I almost don’t sleep and realize in panic* how much I wanted to include but time pressure ruining it.

The thing is: for HWS 14 I want to make something really special. A new game mechanic which impact so many aspects. Early game, mid game, late game.

*Especially since more content came into Patch 1.3 last minute, I really want to include, at least partially.
But also polishing the Economy system, the HWS Config (sorry, still a work in progress here) and the new Universe needs more time.

That is why I have to announce that on Tuesday, we will patch to 1.3 (if it’s coming), but the HWS 14 season will go live, once I’m satisfied to release it.
I know this will cause some rolling eyes again but especially the events happened with Alpha 12 and then HWS 13 showed me, that almost everyone from you request a polished Season, which I try my best to deliver.

So yes, I know the circumstances around Christmas and playing with friends together, trust me, I would love to do the same but I keep working hard to finish everything before Christmas.

What does this mean now?

First and important, please have patience. I need more time to make your experience the best I can.
Second, I try to finish before Christmas of course but can’t say when exactly. You should be ready for the full wipe latest on Tuesday but you can expect a 24 hour pre-info of course, when it’s happening.

Another reason why I need more time is also showing you in more detail what is coming. I think it is very important for you to see a bigger picture of the content than just diving into the season and discover it for yourself.
So we want to make a video and more Guides about it. It all needs more time for a better season.

What is coming?

However to not let you completely in the dark I will share at least some hot bullet points as I did in the past:

  • The first and only living dynamic universe you won’t find anywhere else! Depending on YOU, on your actions throughout your gameplay, together as a whole Community, the Universe will grow or not. And the more it grows, the more Quests, Story and Treasures are to be found!
    It also means that if the Community as a whole does not want all of that additional stuff, they don’t have to go for it. But IF they do, they unlock the content of max. 700 Stars. (Right now we have 20).
    The focus is strongly on PvPvE than ever. PvE get totally what they are looking for with a lot of additional content. PvP on the other hand, with careful placed resource distribution and gameplay, 100% regular hotspots.

  • New Story! Pirate Origin will be renamed to Outcast Origin

  • A new starting experience with a dedicated Tutorial, a dedicated Story or a dedicated Survival start waiting for you. No frustration for new players anymore and for everyone the right fit.

  • Many reworked Planets, e.g. Zion, Homeworld, …

  • Many new / reworked Quests (PDA, Dialogues, POIs)

  • Some new / reworked Stargate Missions

  • New Patreon / Supporter content! Ingame Skins for Patrons? Patron Quests? You want your Logo as image on your structure? You want your recruiting video on a special wall? With modding, images and .mp4 videos can be imported and watched ingame now! (everything controlled and authorized by me)

  • New PvP Token System. Getting PvP Kills might be fun but why only for flexing? Collect PvP Tokens and convert them into PvP dedicated special loot / reward!

  • New Player Skill System! With all the above in mind you can get unique and game changing Skills. Increasing the Damage of your Weapons (Hand and Ships). Increasing Warp Drive Rang (LY), Reload time etc.

  • New HWS Talent System! Depending on your Origin you get unique Talents like Time Manipulation Talent (Freelancer), Diplomat Talent (Federation), Threat Talent (Outcast) and many more…

  • New Queued Based Event System! Create a “lobby”, wait for people to fill in and start your Event whenever you want. No more frequent Event spams, nobody is doing anyways.

  • Many new items, many new Blocks! With Patch 1.3 the fun just have started and modding is boosted…

  • Commodity Trading with all the above in mind

  • Balancement (PvP) of many things …

I hope that little update of what is coming got you excited… from my side I can at least say, that I want to play on HWS (14) myself after a very long time and see how to improve all the old and new(!) things even better, first hand. I also plan to add regular content more often, because I can now (modding just have opened up and mind is blowing already).

But, again, except from thankful help from Jascha and Ju, most of all of that I’m doing alone and due pressure and high expectations at myself, I am sometimes down for many days and not productive. It’s always an up and down, you know…

Anyways, I hope you can wait a little longer for way more fun!
Thank you for reading, playing on HWS and supporting my crazy ideas even financially! This motivates me a lot!

Your HWS Team


Take your time dude. It’s better than rushing it and having to reset everything once a bug or game breaking feature is discovered. It’ll be worth the wait.

Good luck!

Edit: Super excited about your ideas for pvp and patrons!! Great start!!!


a wise ass…err a wise man told me “u can have things done or u can have them done right.” i would imagine most of us would rather u take time to polish the new season and not follow rush requests that doom us all. be sure to take like time for yourself. relaxation does wonders for self enlightenment.


As I told allot of players, pvp will be fun in 14, and here it is lads and ladies :wink:

Again, amazing work so far from the team in hws, this is why people keep being patreons. Your dedication to it all, and all of us.

And please @RexXxuS, as I said before, stay healthy, and take care of your self :slightly_smiling_face:

The closer to christmas, the bigger chanse for me to be home when it hits :+1::beers:


We appreciate all the effort you put in- thank you! You all do amazing work.
The dynamic universe sounds crazy! I can’t even imagine the work associated with not only coming up with all these features, but then having to figure out how it is going to interact with everything else!
Headaches all around…

@RexXxuS Please take care of yourself and thank you!- from a random internet stranger :slight_smile:

Any uppity people that have problems waiting can make their own dang universe… :roll_eyes:


Take your time.

This all sounds AMAZING and I for one (and many others) CAN wait until you and the team are ready. Please stay healthy, get some sleep, whatever you need to do. There is NO good in giving everyone all this hard work if you yourself end up sick. Not worth it at all.


Over the years since i have known HWS and their owners… I really cant believe how much they have achieved…

For 4-5 years I have sinply been amazed on how much HWS has achieved and frankly simply amazed what Rexx, Jasch, Ju have done with HWS… Guys… plz keep safe and don’t push yourselves, majority of ppl know what you can do and are thankful for this server.

don’t let anything get you down guys… and this goes for everyone… keep your head high… we WILL get through this…

Thank you HWS for giving me a 2nd home to come to…
Love you all


Take you time man. U r doing a great work with the server. I think u have a life and family like everyone here. For all the work you are doing, the stress you endure and the content you are adding, you should take a break and have a great Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I think many like me think so, even if you open again in January it will be worth the wait. Your life comes first.


Dont stress yourself too much! We all can wait until its ready and your health comes in the first place.


Will there be supporter package discounts pre-HWS 14?

@RexXxuS! Man, please take some pressure off yourself and the team. You have proven time and time again that you have us in mind and are looking to create the best experience possible for us. We do in fact trust you and the team AND you have a dedicated group of senior players here that will back that up AND train and educate the new explorers coming into the game. We want to reinforce the message, relay the dedication and vision that you push forth and make this the greatest experience possible.

Do it right Rex and please make sure to balance your time with rest and family. WE will all survive.

Thank you tremendously for your passion and vision.


My motto towards my other techs I am forced to work with: do it right the first time and be done with it. I don’t want to waste time coming back to play clean up because they half-assed it.

This is why I have so much free time at work. And most of them, do not. My suggestion is take your time and make it how you want it. Or take a simpler explanation that I use when building a new PC for someone:

1 Cheap
2 Fast
3 Reliable

Now pick two options.


Would rather a polished release that’s slower than a quick release that’s buggy AF. Experience with Eleon’s previous patches has made me fearful of patches/upgrades and knowing how they release stuff before going on holidays makes me extremely paranoid too.

I’m happy with the season going a little bit longer (I’m packed up and just chilling out with other games) it’s far better than crashes/rollbacks/resets/lost progress trying to play the latest patch and getting angry.


A living dynamic Universe would be amazing! I‘m really looking forward to it !


@everyone, the fate of the HWS 14 Universe will be put in your hands! Will you succeed in the Elemental Stone Story?
Great risks but great rewards are waiting for you… :hwsstar:


We just had one for Black Friday… I am not sure. Depends when I will be ready. If it’s near Christmas, most likely.

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As many said before please Rexxus, take the pressure off of you, especially in these times stay healthy and take care of yourself. It doesn’t help the army (community) at all if the General (Rexxus team) isn’t fit. Looking much forward to HWS 14.


Hey Rexxus, and good folks of HWS!

Haven’t been able to make the time to get in for a while. Started a masters of CS and keeps me mad busy. Next semester looks to be even busier but… I’m so excited to check out what’s ahead in season 14!

The notion of 700 stars is very, very exciting to me. I understand you may have to change something along the way, so no worries, it’s a cool idea though :sunny:

This past season I learned the value of a space station. Everything on autopilot so I still have a life when I finally get back in-game once I do find a little time.
I got my OCD at a good level where I can access it from anywhere for an easier start next season.
When the time comes, I’ll be ready!

@RexXxuS I also have ups and down man, I totally understand. I used to feel guilty and fight the down days… but then I didn’t actually get any rest so they dragged on. Lately, I just go with it, if it’s a down day then it’s a down day, or 2, I get back up faster and work starts to flow again.
I’d love to be someone who can go all out, all the time, but that ain’t me. On the other hand, when my brain gets right, I can do some really cool stuff pretty quickly… all gotta do what we gotta do and find what works for us. :100: :muscle:


No reason to rush. Best to wait on hws 14 until after eleon fixes problems with 1.3. Specifically the runaway ships.