Hws 2.0!

Hey guys,
there we go - Alpha 2.0 and HWS 2.0 :slight_smile:

It was a very hard road for us - the preparation was long but we think it was worth it. Jascha build so many awesome new things into the EAH you will definitley feel it.

We also added HWS Connect: empyrion-homeworld.net/hws-connect. A new way of gaming - see who attacked you. See what your Auto Miners mined so far, see infos about you and more is coming (online banking, etc…)

The universe is completely fresh and new. It is a lot bigger now and you will start an unique journey.
images.akamai.steamusercontent.c … 4E9394015/

See the 3D Map for more informations soon: sketchfab.com/models/b5709902e3 … hare-popup

Also we implemented CSW (Cross Server Warp) Orbits so you can explore the USA and EU server. Just fly with your ship in the Outgoing Orbit fly away in the Incoming Orbit on the new server.

We are not finished yet - we will implement a complete faction rebalance soon. So every faction will get special benefits / pros and cons.
Events, especially Alien events will come soon too :slight_smile:

Stay tuned and thanks for playing on HWS.

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Hey, i’m quite exited about the new release, but i can only find a “wiped” server.

Is it the ONLY server? Does it means that the Alpha 2.0 brought a full wipe for everyone? Or you are still upgrading?

Just to know…i’ll never leave this server :smiley:

Sounds awesome man! I’m incredibly impressed so far by how you guys run this server; bravo!

Hey guys,

first: thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile:
We really pushed ourself to the next level: Alpha 2.0 x)

@Whitesage: Both NA and EU are running. The wipe was announced long time before. Or what do you mean?
We expected the patch to be on friday so we created yesterday this page: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=168
Sorry, with that big change in the core files we didn’t want any risk.

Thanks again and have fun on your journey on the new universe :slight_smile:

Oh, seems that i missed the communication :frowning:

Well not a big problem…let’s enjoy the good work you made out there!


Thank you for all your hard work, got to play for a bit an check out the stuff you have done until the internal error spam happened, figure it will take a bit for a hotfix from the eleon devs.

Question regarding the previous plan about limiting factions to one base; is this still there plan, and on what planet(s)?

Yes still there - sorry busy with real life. We will update everything accordingly.

1 HQ (which needs the name HQ in the name) and 1 small CV per faction on PvE planets. Playing against this rule will be removed without a warning.

Only pve planets? That simplifies things, thanks for the updates, will be looking forward to the server rules update when real life cooperates, lol