HWS 2.1 - big stuff

Hello HWS friends, hey guys,

Patch 2.1 is out! Read it: steamcommunity.com/games/383120/ … 5866325699

HWS has also some new improvements and features we want to share with you:

[li]we adding custom meteorites with that release now step by step. Need to check what planet fits best to story and how the meteorites should spawn. Will be activated today / tomorrow (no wipes needed)
[li]the auto miner is very successful so far. The integration with HWS Connect (empyrion-homeworld.net/hws-connect) works good and they seemed to be good balanced. So if you are tired of mining - just buy / upgrade yours :slight_smile:
[li]HWS Connect was refactored. The load time is significantly faster and the UX (user experience) a lot better. Now we build new feature to it like the Fleet Stats (what ship you have where etc.) and the Elemental Bank. A lot more coming later (stock market, etc.)
[li]Tired of “eating” gold coins or credit cards? We have a help for you: type “eb:cointocr” in the chat to transfer your gold coins or/and credit cards in your inventory to Credits (goes into your bank)!
[li]You can trade ships on HWS! Sell your HV / SV / CV on Elemental Marketplace! Thanks to Dead8Eye for the Trading Station! (look up the commands here
[li]One of the most biggest thing we released now: CSW! = Cross Server Warp! With that you can jump from Server EU to Server NA with your ship. So we merged two universes together. Fly with your ship to CSW Outgoing on EU Server and wait a bit. Then you get warped and you can fly off from CSW Incoming on NA. Only Disclaimer: you can’t play with two player inventory. If your player is on server A and you jump to server B the inventory of Player B will be overwritten from A. Keep that in mind.[/li][/ul]
Coming next…[/size]
[li]the big faction rebalance 2.0. We are working on it - a difficult task but as soon as we have it ready it will be a new game experience on HWS![/li]
[li]Automated events[/li]
[li]POI resets[/li]
[li]Custom Alien challenges[/li]

As promised some time ago I will release from time to time some random stats - have fun :slight_smile:

Playhours top 5:
RemMak - 564 hours played on HWS EU
sanchous - 522 hours played on HWS EU
Mia - 459 hours played on HWS EU
666 - 448 hours played on HWS NA/EU
smudgybear - 428 hours played on HWS EU
Awesome guys - thank you! :slight_smile:

Credits top 5:
ZorgTheBorg - 1,6 mill pocket / 1,2 mill bank
xxxVaderxxx - 221k pocket / 250k bank
Chobo - 220k pocket
Andreo - 170k pocket / 214k bank
Rezzy Beans - 160k pocket

Thanks for making HWS the meantime to the #1 server! We appreciate all your support and won’t stop to enhance your fun for empyrion! :slight_smile:

If you have any problems / feedback / wishes please let us know!

See you on HWS