HWS 2.3 - Blueprint spawn limit

Hey guys,

just a quick information in the hope people read it and not call “admin admin” all the time in the chat.

As you can read here: store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=383120
They added the feature that we can limit the blueprint spawn size.

We decided to go with the number 4 (500 < 1000 = 4 EXP) for now.

It is still big enough but limits the monster 1 million turret ships in a certain way. This has 2 advantages:

  1. We hope the playfields are more stable now - especially the PvE ones

  2. People can’t come with their planet-sized ships and lagg the enemy to death like some people intended to do

The big ships must be focussed now of course :wink:
But if 4 is still too big and we encounter still problems because of that we reduce it to 3.

As always let us know what you think after some time.

Jascha & RexXxuS

You mean class 4 in the CV class , right ? Don’t know what you mean by “EXP” …
If so, pfewww, just within limits :smiley:

Sorry, here it is better described:
empyriononline.com/threads/alpha … ixes.6883/


  • Added server-side Blueprint restrictions depending on the Device-count (dedicated.yaml). Restricted classes can not be produced in Blueprint factory and/or spawned. They are marked ORANGE in the Blueprint Library. Device count of each Blueprint is visible in the blueprints info panel.
    Available Size Classes:
    Class 1 = less than 50 devices
    Class 2 = between 50 and 250 devices
    Class 3 = between 250 and 500 devices
    Class 4 = between 500 and 1000 devices
    Class 5 = between 1000 and 1500 devices
    Class 6 = more than 1500 devices (default)

I like this limitation. What with so many people running too the workshop to grab the largest cv possible, assuming that the size will protect them, and while they try to get all the mats together, they get raided and lose the mats.

This way, they are encouraged to go with a medium sized cv that is more affordable, and therefore able to get places and enjoy the game better.

When they still want to get the enormous sized cv, they would have to modify it to bring it under the device cap, so they have at least a mediocre understanding of the ship they bring.

Some players need to understand that just because the ship is on the workshop and is rated high because it looks cool, doesn’t mean it’s effective. Some are destroyed by a single shot, because a fuel tank sets off a chain reaction once hit, and then there’s the resulting “no way a single shot can kill my 23k block cv” call to admins.

500 devices for cvs is more than enough, but bases need 500-1000 devices. Especially for bases shared by larger factions.

Perfect, dont mind to go to level 3. Exactly as said above, ppl mine for week and die in 5 minutes and leave server. This is for good of everyone. I think that not many ships have more than 500 so I would like to see level 3 only. We want smooth gameplay.

How does this affect people who literally make a BP and decide to put 100 turrets on it? Just curious if there’s any artificial limit for building turrets as they cause the most lag.

Sadly not yet. Its only a BP limit. Therefore we still keep the Block limit active.
But in patch notes for Alpha 3.0 i read that we can now see the amount of Devices pon a structure. So we could then introduce our own Device limit that would be applied on all active structures, not just on bp. Will see.

People like Broxa still get around this by building a massive ship, minus the guns. Then he put 220 turrets on it. Still a frame killer. All anyone has to do now is make a giant CV with no guns, then place them all manually in a pve orbit. This is why pve anything is detrimental outside of one starter planet, and the market. I think even the csw in/out should be pvp to prevent people from running away from fights when they start to lose them. TBH, no planetary orbit should be pve. Pretty sick of people picking fights, realizing that they were dumb, and then trying to run away. Warping to any pve orbit should need an aditional command or wait timr to prevent the cowards that run to them. I also think that the pirates in pve zone thing should be enforced more strictly. Any pirate factioned anything should immediately destroyed or warped to a pvp free-for-all zone and announced for other players to grab it. But, I am off-topic and ranting.

Well there are pros and cons about PvE orbits.
I prefer them over PvE planets. Planets have a lot more dependencies to game mechanics and rendering issues.

The discussion about people flying away from a fight is old. For now it might be easy to guess where they jumped to. But if you are in an orbit with 5 different warp exit points you have a 1/5 chance to follow him even if all of the 5 exit points are PvP. A warp is basically always a save way of escaping a fight.
For that a kind of EMP weapon / gun would be cool to shut down the warp drive tank / engines of the enemy ship

I also do, however remember when the Elemental Marketplace crashed? If we have say, 3 PVE orbits to spread out, it then costs Pentaxid to get between them, where are the current system (Nova, 3 PVE planets) in the same system (with PVP space in it) allows for free travel.

It would kind of destroy the “centre of the universe PVE” feel, if we have to have multiple PVE orbits, to accommodate everyone.