HWS 4.1 - new rules, new way

Good Morning everyone,

the long awaited and needed Empyrion patch 4.1 is out and so HWS 4.1.

HWS 4.1 Patchnotes

Refresh of Deposits / POI on faction planets

  • We surface-wiped every faction planet. Now with the Auto Miner Device (AMD) fixed everyone has the same chance now to place one there.
    Only little downside: you need to dig out stuff out if it was underground. Sorry and happy drilling :wink:

  • Tax List is coming today in HWS Connect!

  • A lot NPC Traders coming today on EU and NA

New rules

Well they are not new but Underground turrets are “fixed” now. If you play around you will find out that if they are under the ground and your enemy is under the ground they will shoot still - what is good! No one belongs to be under the ground. But if the turret is under the ground and your enemy not, then they don’t shoot - which is also good and fixed.

Only problem still remains that this applies to water equally. If the turret is in the water and you are flying above the water, all good - they don’t shoot. But if both of you are in the water they will shoot.
Now either we discuss it or we keep it as it is now.

We are preparing some other faction / tax patches in the meantime.

Have fun!

Your HWS Team


lolwhat? U mean, u WIPE faction planets? Or u gonna wipe them???

:expressionless: ok explanation:
surface-wipe = wiping the surface = every POI + Deposit is fresh and 100% again but you keep all your structures


Thx. . . . (7 characters)

so its ok to build underground turrets now then :D?

well in my test it worked 99%… though I leave the rules as they are now since I didn’t test flipped HV or other fancy stuff. You guys proof me all the time that we can’t think of all edge cases :stuck_out_tongue:
Will see with the time and maybe make special rules about them

Cool was waiting for this 4.1 :smiley: ah now we won’t be able to find Thran during a long moment as he will dig a whole planet to put back his area 51 :stuck_out_tongue:

Area 52 :wink:

but there is an big problem… due to the plasma 21 guns on sv nerf, i cant build it as fast as i wanted :frowning:

Ah true only 4 plasma, enough to make small tunnels but not big holes with our diggers 16-20 plasma :smiley:

ah so much better to live in space, no mole, no tunnels, no structure integrity, nothing falls, even your popcorn floats :stuck_out_tongue:

Gl ^^

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Blackwing i will be moving my operation next to your space station tonight :stuck_out_tongue: moving the entire Thranirum fleet :open_mouth:

Wow can’t wait to see that :smiley: I wish Rex/Jascha were part of Eleon to code an alliance system, i’m 100% sure it would be done in no time contrary to actual Eleon team…:stuck_out_tongue:

What is that movie? Never see such…

Independence Day 2

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@everyone the Tax List is now live on HWS Connect! :slight_smile:


So to clarify, underground turrets are not yet okay, but this is exciting news and they could be soon?

Getting hit with taxes on all things…is not good. If the faction or so already has a base on the planet, it should tax that only…and not every space ship and base.

Should always be allowed to go under ground its a facet of Empyrion warfare, dammit get used to it