HWS 5.0 Settling On A Planet Question

So I’m a Trader on Trader Starter (HWS NA). Where’s a good place to settle with a permanent base that’s PVE and doesn’t wipe? I’m thinking Lagoon.

U thinking right. U just need… 150-250 rp for this xD gl

First of all stay as long in the starter systems as possible.
If you are ready go to Neptune. Only Trader can enter this planet. So if you are in alliance with others this is almost PvE.

Other than that as soon as you got 120RP you can enter Zion. Permanent PvE.

Not sure why I’m confused but, in other words, where should a trader go before the starter planet wipe?

…to some other system. Look on map, there are a lot of systems free from wipe.

On the average 2h/day of play it would take about TWO MONTHS to get on even the “low” 120RP. Once you get there, you have about 1-2 weeks of play left before the usual next total server wipe … LOL . So yeah. Real Life is very fictive from the server-admins’ point of view.