HWS 5.1 - update about rules and server

Hey @everyone,

this is meant to be a quick update regarding our rules and server setting.

Rules updated 21.01.2017

Because a big drama on NA we saw what crazy stuff people actually do with family share accounts / multiple accounts. If I say crazy I put it in friendly words.

To make it clear the last time. We had this in the past yes, we got nailed to rules yes, we made it clear this time:

Summary: as soon as you enter HWS you enter a big, friendly, helpful, respectful community. Any way you cause damage to these principles can be punished.

It is interesting how people try to wring and talk around it, finding excuses and what not. Sorry to be clear here: bullshit.

Maybe in real life it is fine or other games (doubt it) you know exactly what this summary means and this is neither blanket or to generic. Or if you want to start a fight with me about it: ask before you do shady things if you are not sure.
Everything else is just as it is: do it - deal with the punishment. Period.

However because this caused us over 2 days of drama we implemented rule 2.4 (back in for now - not postum):

Multiple accounts / Infiltration!
If you choose to have more than one account you cannot use this to give you a clear unfair advantage. Eg You join faction X and then with another account once you know where everything is go and attack and steal faction X stuff.

If you forget to make alliances in your origin and experience a backstabb - deal with it. That is the “thrill” we allow and is fine.
But to go next level real life war strategies and spent serious time in crush the enemies is in an (buggy) alpha game just too much tryhard. We can talk about it in Beta or Full version again but right now, with hundreds of “Get Support” tickets this is far beyond “fun”.

I hope this is history now.

Drama :popcorn:

Because people like dramas (or not?) they can happen. Once again I want to point out that this is NOT our job.
Yes our job is to keep the community in harmony as good as we can if some don’t follow the rules but we know exactly that some of you like to play the “victim” and go then all-in seeking the admin ban hammer.

Especially on the NA server bullshit ping pong games are played. One faction insulting the other but want of course revenge, justice and more against the others…
Stop this please.
If we would enforce your wishes we would have to ban a lot of big factions because both broke the mentioned summary above and then? Are you happy then?
We can’t play a mother role here.
If you got disturbed in Discord > there is a block / ban feature.
If you got disturbed in game via global chat post screenshots and we see if we need to step in.
But same here: just ignore. If you throw insults back you are not better than he/she.

Server setting WipeTime change

As posted in a post which didn’t get a lot of attention:
if you didn’t visit your structures within 7 days now they will be wiped.
This change was needed because we don’t wipe the starter systems anymore.
Also with the intention in mind to offer soon a special service to save your structures if you go to vacation. Kind of a backup system for the time you are not playing for a long time.

However this change from 15 days to 7 was triggering the actual timestamps which means a lot of ships got deleted because people didn’t visit them for 7+ days.
We can now discuss if these structures were even worth it to keep alive but it was my mistake, I didn’t know it would happen.

So as already done I can offer partial replacements for the biggest structure you lost. PM me if needed.

To point out one fact this post is mainly addressing: all of this blocked us multiple days to work for better stability, for better features, for bug fixes, for tasks with Eleon, for brainstorming 6.0, from real life and much more.

But this is nothing new of course. Just think about it if you can.

We are looking forward how our revolution turns out to NOT wipe starter systems anymore, the meta will be formed and if beginner actually find the link to click :wink:

Thanks all for your help and understanding!

Your HWS Team


Can you have Jascha modify structure commander and maybe change the deleted (true/false) column to instead say ‘days left to wipe’ so we can know if we need to visit something that we legitimately want to keep?


Very good point. Until now its not possible, but will do that