HWS 6.0 | Release date 7th June!

Hey guys,

there is no excuses anymore, no meme, no waiting gif…

7th June 2017 HWS 6.0 / Empyrion Alpha 6.0 is coming to you guys…

We can almost copy paste the Eleon text but really:
thank you all for your patience!

We saw that the numbers dropped on HWS but we still pushing and pushing. Non stop working 24/7 on HWS 6.0 really with just the hope it will be great again…

Looking forward to it…

Oh and we have also another little teaser for you - keep an eye on destructible planets out… you will love / need it :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


Numbers drop because we are all waiting. 7th of June will be just in time for me so I can hopefully play it for a week before I gotta go (stupid real life!).

Oh yay pink cubes. Are those mimics? Like when you get close to a pink cube, do they go all nomnomnomnom on your ship?

And so it is written. What a huge update. People who have waited to touch 6.0 will be in for a big surprise! :slight_smile:

Woot Capturing whole planets with pinkness :smiley: !


now your talking my lang kogami hehe ( Zappie has banned me from using the paint gun ) hehe


How long will it take for HWS to be upgraded to 6.0, after the official 6.0 update of Empyrion. Is that calculated in hours or days?

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a matter of hours. But very very soon afterwards.


thanks :slight_smile:

Depends on precise time it drops I guess. I think Rex was in work when V5 dropped so there was a delay of a few hours there.

Yea was his birthday the same day if I remember correctly and they still worked through the night to get it running for us

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Im booking vacation on Friday then…


me2 i think i will be on holiday on Friday :smiley: and maybe even on Thursday :stuck_out_tongue:

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