HWS 6.1 | Trusted Server + Third HWS Server + Rebalancements / Update

Yes there is still profit there if your gold AM happens to be the first one you ever purchased. I myself have to load 12 cores before I will get that 30k a day.

I would have to spend 288K to then generate 90k worth of gold. If I sell all the other ores generated from those 12 cores I still won’t break even.

We really need a way to choose what we’re fueling now.

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Trusted Server Status should grow our player population. That’s a good thing.

Coming next! :slight_smile:

For that we think am:fuel:X will be replaced with the individual ones:


or still am:fuel:all where this will be just filled randomly to all.


That’s awesome news! So happy to hear it.

My next thing would be, how about the fact that drill charges already in the AM’s from 5.xx are counting as cores already loaded in 6.0? Those people are generating large amounts of resources that they didn’t earn.

My AM’s all showed as having one core in them at the start of 6.0 and I won’t touch the resources generated from those since it feels like cheating to me. Other people had thousands of cores in their AM’s at the start of 6.0

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Nice, This is way better than what I did, selling all the ones that are not capable of paying for themselves…

Meh selling is still better, if we need iron, copper cobalt so on might as well buy them directly from market in the same location that sells the cores, think I’m going to leave only gold.

In the current phase of the game and aiming for a future where we will have many battles, I think having AM gold, promethiun and pentaxid and maybe magnesium is the fundamental, the question is always to have combat blocks, fuel for the jump and to move the ship and gold To keep everything running.

Yes please. Also when will we get stone & wood autominers? To me stone is more valuable than iron :stuck_out_tongue:

Then man have I got a deal for you :slight_smile:

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Wish i put in 9999 charges in 5.5… but… yes… i agree this needs to be resolved… those that have this already have had a weeks worth of free AM resources…

Fuel got wiped when the server was transitioned to 6.0

No the fuel didn’t wipe, at least for some people, and that’s the problem.

I also don’t know what you mean with that. We wiped the fuel (as always) and only in special cases we kept the fuel to a maximum of 240 afterwards.

Some people claim to have had hundreds of AM charges at start of 6.0. I guess “hundreds” means “240” then.

I have another question: How will the transfer from PVE --> PVP items work? I mean I need enough space in my OCD on the PVP server and does it go over the 50k limits or are the 50k limits taken into account again?

Also I assume it works with OCD lvl6 and that it is rounded up (so 1 light armor * 50% = 1 light armor that goes from PVE --> PVP?).

Also the OCD:Put command seems not to have been implemented on the PVE server but I guess bugs on the PVE server will no longer be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the OCD contents count only from the 13th of June. Meaning it’s no use for me to clean up my OCD… So I may miss out on valuable items being transferred because some tomato sprouts take up the slots… And all the stuff in my ship…

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It seems the only way to use ocd:put is in the Elemental Capital City playfield … atleast in my experience


Origin planets on weekdays, CSW warp zones, Capital city space, any pve donor planet, (including two open to public), and any rotation planet that is currently on pve.

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