HWS 6.1 | Trusted Server + Third HWS Server + Rebalancements / Update

Good morning @everyone,

As promised here is the very important announcement covering a couple of important topics. Let’s jump straight in:

#HWS is a trusted server!

In the multiplayer lobby you will now see that the HWS EU and NA servers are trusted servers (see on the right side the “badge”)
You can read here a bit what it means in detail.

New players seeking to join an MP server he or she can see straight away if a server is official (yellow) or trusted (blue).

why play “trusted”?
You have to fulfil a few criteria to get approved for being “trusted”, and it can be revoked any time if you abuse / do not follow the principles of being a “trusted server.”
Overall it should help the community to get the best Empyrion MP experience on servers who have demonstrated upstanding community values. This is not an HWS feature; and will help all players identify other great servers to spend their time on.

Note: Being “Trusted” does not entitle a server to any sort of special bonus or perks from Eleon, including financial backing.

#!! HWS Feature Update!!

HWS NPC Trader

As a lot people have seen, we are still not 100% feature complete (Thanks for all the feedback!). Some things are still missing and we are feverishly working on supporting you in game AND adding/updating these features. We appreciate your patience and support.

On HWS EU Server (NA coming soon!):

6.0 has introduced a new workflow, even for me – but I think I found a good one now.

For existing HWS NPC Trader donators, make sure you have read this thread and adjust your package accordingly. If your NPC trader is not listed, and you have not adjusted for 6.0, now you know why.

#EGS Auto Miner NPC Trader

To address one major complaint around availability of Auto Miner Cores, with the new use within Orbital AMs, we have implemented a whole new EGS NPC Trader POI on Elemental Capital City (ECC) to provide you Auto Miner Cores and Auto Miner for a reasonable price, but with a convenience premium, of course.
So just in case you don’t want to raid the POIs but have some credits available make sure to check them out!
Note: we will keep an eye on player market and adjust NPC values accordingly if we see a negative impact on player trade.

#Elemental Garage

The HWS Garage is now officially reopened!! Since it was quite successful and popular in HWS 5 we have also provided more ships and even more to come for you.

Two things to keep in mind now, once again:

  1. The credits are well spent on these ships - They are not cheap, but you cannot get these elsewhere.
  2. There will be no refunds. Period.. We don’t take Garage ships back or replace them anymore. They are like stocks - it is your investment - know before you buy, don’t crash it into a POI, etc.
    Very special cases are still valid where we may “repair” your ship for a fee - our discretion

#MOBA system and the Bunker / Vault Your

We will make sure you get more information during your gameplay but once again make sure that the MOBA Nebula and its planets are a high risk / high reward system. Once you warped in you are locked till Friday there! No excuses anymore.
But there are two things worth to mention to ease your wait:

  1. the Capture the BA POI / event where everyone can control a super base surrounded by hundreds of thousands of gold ore deposits… but only if at least one guy is in the control room at the top! no absentee owners here, you have to hold it.

  2. the EGS Vault / Bunker you can buy for 25 million credits and have a perma-super secure place on a permanent PvP planet for one season. (You have everything you need to survive a world war 3 there)

#EGS Recycle

The EGS Recycle feature now officially open! Located near the NPC Trader Mall in ECC space, there you can recycle your ships for a fee. Remember that you can upgrade your EGS (type egs:? in faction chat)
Note: At level 5 you don’t need EGS Recycle Zones for that anymore - you can do it globally.


A few mistakes in the PDA missions got corrected and implemented.
Please make sure to explore the universe and find and play these missions! This content adds much more to your HWS experience, including nice rewards! I’m very curious as to how your feedback regarding them all may be. Please share!
Yes, Some of them are very difficult (Elemental Bank Heist) and need at least 3-4 players to succeed.
But hang tight and keep telling us what you like/hate and more will come - some for solo players and maybe a few more a bit easier.

#All the rest
We are trying hard to finish the rest of the missing pieces by the end of the week so we can have a clean a great season to learn from for the coming seasons!

#Starter Planet wipe delay
Because of an important profile benchmark for the devs we delay the District Starter planet wiped to ~12 hours and restart the wipe schedule immediately after the 6.1 patch! (will be done ~3PM server time & depends on public drop)
Please make sure to spread the word and wait till the wipe before returning to the planets!

#Third HWS EU Server (aka Care bear server aka PvE server) removal

This is / was by far not an easy decision so straight out with it:

~ We will discontinue the third HWS EU server on 22nd of June 2017 ~

In summary, it means that we will only have two official HWS server again - HWS EU and HWS NA (that is the reason why I didn’t request a trusted label for the HWS EU PVE server)

So why are we doing this?
Because of three primary reasons:

  1. After a runtime of over ~ 6 months, we got 150 Euro donation for the server. In contrast, we paid 160 Euro per month for that server alone. Our goal is that each server can maintain itself with donations so we don’t run into a potential bottleneck. This is not always the case, and that’s OK - but with other considerations and the lack of usage, we felt it was best to find other uses for the money.

  2. The time it takes to maintain and setup the server is not a good investment of our time for the community. We do realize that in some cases, players may feel that more is better, and more options are better, and we do like to try to please you all. However increasing the input (HWS PVE, Experimental, etc.) and keeping the same amount of output (Jascha and me) does not scale, it simply does not work. As an example, my own personal time I have to spent for HWS is already over 120 hours per week… for two servers + PVE (well and the Eleon official ones, QA, etc.). Again, we felt it was best to find other uses for our time.

  3. The idea sort of failed. Even though we had cool plans like dedicated PvE setups, dedicated PvE survival missions and a very special limited way of CSW between the other two HWS servers, we simply can’t chase these ideas due to a lack of resources. Additionally, the main reason why we created the server was “PvE”. If you want PvE on HWS don’t cry on the PvP servers but instead just go to the “care bear” server etc.

In the end, however, the average active player count was only ever 1-7 players. I think this is a significant sign.

But even if it did work in HWS 5, in my opinion, we have tried a special experience with the HWS 6 Universe of both PvE and PvP, but we hope in a very balanced and good way. The future will tell if it’s true but it feels a 100% PvE server is just not satisfied for MP and such an expensive server anymore. And of course, your feedback always matters.

Now this has two big consequences:

  1. all donator (10) on the PvE server will get their donation transferred to the EU main server and 50% of people OCDs content by the date of now will get transferred also to the main EU server as a compromise

  2. See below…

The HWS EU server will get a hardware upgrade (To Be Announced)

This is quite huge and after some discussions, it’s our next big step forward.
Just quickly: why EU and not NA - as “promised”?
First of all, in the last few months, NA was not so good shape player population-wise, so naturally, investing massively in a population that can evaporate quickly is a challenge. We realize that not swinging to the EXP branch prematurely as some other servers did also impacted the populations, but the math doesn’t change. We do not cap the server in NA, where we consistently do in EU and populations maintained during the end of 5 which help support the investment. Lastly, the performance on NA is not as problematic as it is on EU my any stretch.

**So what’s a “Crazy monster machine” look like and cost?
2x CPUs with 28 cores (56 threads)
384 GB RAM
And all that for 577 Euro per month

You math wizards out there may have figured out that leaves us 176 Euro gap every month to fill. As usual, hopefully donations will help keep us all net neutral and we can see how this plays out!

The first idea with this “monster server” is at the beginning a test how much the game really eats. I really don’t know but with 40+ open playfields right now in prime time we are on constant 100% CPU which causes glitches, bugs or worse.

The second idea, and becoming more attractive with each CB:reset, might be to use this power better overall. Maybe in hosting a Factorio server for fun :wink:

Anyways we can always return to the current server but 177 people / 100% CPU are at the moment not good for you and us. And Sure, we could reduce the amount of player slots; and it’s a good technical good decision. But we really want to have people having fun together and don’t waste their free evening in raping the Refresh button all the times till they get a free slot to play. Also taken into account that we have factions which are 50+ people big.

So yeah, a quite huge and important update.
We hope these are all good decisions, even though there are always pros and cons with them.
But if nothing changes you don’t make progress, right?
Let’s make good progress together!

With that said thanks once again for all of your support! Sure, we can pour thousands of hours into HWS because we enjoy it (and we do), but of course it motivates us if we see that you actually like our hard work and that it’s improving your gameplay (or doesn’t, even). It really means a lot to us, no matter if you donate or not.
seeing compliments and happy players is very awesome for us and keeps us motivated to continue our work.

Really very much appreciated girls and boys and thanks a lot; really!

#Your HWS Team


excellent work guys

But I have no room in my OCD on PVP server… And getting stuff on PVE server was actually harder than on PVP server lol and the only good loot on PVE server was POI loot but no1 had&has OCD lvl6 there. Oh well I knew this was gonna happen and it’s better than nothing and something really had to happen. Let’s hope for a Factorio server or something cool :smiley: . Although better hardware for EU server is actually even better.

I still think that when people who join the game and see a server with 150/177 and a server with 0-2/77… I know which one I would join. Can’t compete with your own server hehe.

Now for the sake of advertisement for TinyDewDrop:

A good time to stock up your OCD!

Gratz on the badge. Yes HWS is more or less an official server anyway so it deserves it.

What about factory contents for PVE server? Will they also transfer for 50%?

I’m really curious what factoro means? Is that like a mid point server for events that has a warp point to both na and eu server?

Also mid point as in… middle of the ocean?


Mid point as in between na and eu like Limbo. O I see about factorio :open_mouth: awsum

@RexXxuS I am saddened to hear the PvE server is shutting down but understand why. I donated just before this message was posted and am wondering if I can have my things transferred to the NA server instead of the EU server? I do not play on the EU server is the reason why I request this.

Thank you for all the hard work HWS Team.


There’s going to be an actual market this patch and I’m excited.

I’m happy to hear about the Auto miner “factory” as a response, going to check it out! Thank you!!!

Went to check it out - 24k a core. Think i’ll leave it.

Thanks for your understanding and sure, I will make a note that you get transferred to NA.

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1 max level Gold miner makes 30k a day. Buying an autominer core to run that from this store is better than not having it fueled. By a lot.

Yes there is still profit there if your gold AM happens to be the first one you ever purchased. I myself have to load 12 cores before I will get that 30k a day.

I would have to spend 288K to then generate 90k worth of gold. If I sell all the other ores generated from those 12 cores I still won’t break even.

We really need a way to choose what we’re fueling now.

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Trusted Server Status should grow our player population. That’s a good thing.

Coming next! :slight_smile:

For that we think am:fuel:X will be replaced with the individual ones:


or still am:fuel:all where this will be just filled randomly to all.


That’s awesome news! So happy to hear it.

My next thing would be, how about the fact that drill charges already in the AM’s from 5.xx are counting as cores already loaded in 6.0? Those people are generating large amounts of resources that they didn’t earn.

My AM’s all showed as having one core in them at the start of 6.0 and I won’t touch the resources generated from those since it feels like cheating to me. Other people had thousands of cores in their AM’s at the start of 6.0

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Nice, This is way better than what I did, selling all the ones that are not capable of paying for themselves…

Meh selling is still better, if we need iron, copper cobalt so on might as well buy them directly from market in the same location that sells the cores, think I’m going to leave only gold.

In the current phase of the game and aiming for a future where we will have many battles, I think having AM gold, promethiun and pentaxid and maybe magnesium is the fundamental, the question is always to have combat blocks, fuel for the jump and to move the ship and gold To keep everything running.