HWS 6.X.X important preparation info

Hey @everyone,

as mentioned this week is the new patch coming. However we can’t tell 100% when since we probably combine it with alpha 6.6. Not sure yet.
To be honest there is still a lot to do and I don’t kill myself with a unnecessary deadline.
However this should not mean you can chill and complain afterwards that we didn’t inform you.
So I will do it once more:

Pick up all placeables on following playfields already

  • Golden Globe
  • Ju
  • Athos
  • M31P
  • Sienna
  • Xion
  • Xeno
  • Nox

placeables like Auto Miner, Watergenerator, Survival Constructor, etc.

We might warn 1-2 days before the patch again but the earlier you grab them the better because you will forgot later and they are gone and we won’t replace them. Just sayin’.

New Sanctuary server - spawn all your blueprints!

CSW is almost bulletproof but the server isn’t. What a bummer. So we change again to another server for Sanctuary. To a server which purpose is for non-stop runtime.
However this means you have to spawn all your ready to spawn blueprints on Sanctuary or they will be lost!
Do it now since the server will ran out in max. 2 days, ergo we are switching tomorrow or in two days to the new server.

Spread the word.

Your HWS Team


Thanks for the heads up Rexx

Thanks for the update, much appreciated :). Any chance some planets in Homeworld could get a surface wipe too? Deposits are dry on some places and a few craters here and there :p.

Lets check where the new homeworld is located first :smiley:

So if i jump to sanctuary i get to keep my levels, ship and stuff in it ?

Im gonna hazard a guess and say the middle of the map…



Note that for the 6.0 map I did not violate the rule against posting pictures of maps, as this is actually a portrait of mickey mouse. With Homeworld for a nose.


@everyone the new HWS Sanctuary is up. CSW is activated again.

Since it is a new IP you have to search for HWS again in the browser

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