HWS 6.X.X teaser | Blueprint Class and universe change

OMG a big Thanks from all PVP people! That really time :smiley: GOOOOOOOOOD WORK!!! Now noobs must learn to fly !

But it must be solved as soon as possible the problem BAs turrents no longer shoot through mountains. Otherwise, every vehicle is one shoot. Which comes up to 600 m at a basis.

ITs not that bad really, ppl thinks C1 is that prefab small SV, you can build nice C1s, much more sturdy.

Class 1 Armored Personel Carrier ready to roll.

Hey Rexxus,

having never experienced lag with SV conflict, i just wonder why the change to SVs class 1?

Sounds interesting and i would definitely like to test these out before i come to any conclusions.

About the class size 1 change to hv and sv i’m not sure this will have the desired consequence of decreasing lag or fps because i’m guessing your main reason for lowering class size is not the size of the structure but because of the lag. Having said that i’m not sure even size class one will help because i got lagged out or was it the freezing screen i got from 3fps? by like 5, 6 hv sv that i’m guessing where size-class one when they were taking my bases. So this is why i think the core of the problem needs to be addressed seriously that is the limits Eleon studios has in their game and the graphic engines their using for the game that is making even a few size-class ones make massive lag or fps3 or both.

The rest of the changes i kind of like. :smiley:

A few questions though on the one way system to pvp like is this one way and no way back at all or is there a time limit on when you can go back? Thanks for trying to find solutions in such a limited game in terms of player limits in the heat of fights.

Congrats HWS team. Heres some chicken, fruit, and beef for ya’ll after all that hard work. Enjoy!.. :poultry_leg: :kiwi_fruit: :strawberry: :grapes: :meat_on_bone: :pear: :peach: :cherries: :poultry_leg:

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:1, topic:6816, full:true”]and the find of some exploit SVs: Illegale SV builds

I would also like to know the link to the manual guns in small vessels not being allowed behind your own ship blocks? Because if its not on the rules then i don’t know how it can be considered illegal or an exploit. From my experience i thought this was the normal way you build sv and how you shield your manual guns from fire while them shooting through your own ship blocks.

Also, how could you not know? xD I find that very strange that you did not know? I think you already new and come into some kind of pressure? Rex I do not like playing these kinds of games when people do that it brings confusion rather then clarity to the game. I like honesty and transparency. I’m not saying your playing those types of games but i’m getting a feeling lets just say. I can be completely wrong.

Pffft…I’m out. Ive already CB:Destroyed my shtuff…Ive been playing on hws since 4.0 and everyone knows that the lag is caused by the memory leak and non existent optimization of the Empyrion game and is also dependent on the computer the user has. I remember when we use to run class 7 ships and had half as much lag in 4.0 than we do now. Sure we had lag shots be we dealt with it by making bigger ships. Now its 6.0 and we have lag shots still but are stuck with class 3 ships. Not only can we only fly ships half the size, but the lag is 3 times as bad. So now comes the class 1 sv and hv. I’m not sure what crack was used to come up with this idea, but it must be good. we have had sv and hv battles up to 8 people total with very little lag, and even when we had the huge battle on homeworld, the lag wasn’t horrible till about half way thru when we started getting lag cause by collisions between vessels and having blocks rub off on other vessels, which BTW has been another issue since 5.0. The point is that we the people of this server, are getting penalized with restriction after restriction all for the hope of “better performance”. We all know what will really make performance better…Eleon getting off there a$$ and trying to code this game right. So since an Eleon employee runs this sever…RexXxus please tell your co workers to do there job.
Later all, its been fun!


Class 1 SV is not such a difference in neccessary combat tactics.
Yesterday i had a match vs the SpongeBob RED battleship CV with my size3+ cube SV. Both pilots were very skilled in movement and targeting.

I must say, it makes really no sense charging a PVP CV in space with a SV, independent of the size, and i use the 6-weapon-group-macro :smiley:

Even with that super firepower you dont penetrate CV multilayer fast enough, you have no clue where the CV core is to target while the CV turrets magically know it. And i lost my weapons way too fast (same reason), while it was difficult to hit his as the CV continued spinning around.

I survived, what would not have been the case in a size1 SV.

SVs are good vs other SV, HV and CV on planets, not vs bases or CV in space.

Size 1 will change nothing about that.

Don’t make assumptions. What are you talking about assumptions and what games?
I didn’t know this regression is in the game again and people do not care about our rules.

Switch to new playfield? You mean universe?
That is no switch but a non-harm rearrangement of planets. No wipe needed if you know what you are doing.


[quote=“RexXxuS, post:56, topic:6816, full:true”]I didn’t know this regression is in the game again and people do not care about our rules.

I care about the rules thats way i’v looked at the rules from the start. But the forums is so disorganized in my opinion that its not easy to find out things to specific questions alot of times. I even did a search on manual guns and nothing.
I’v been all up and down this link on rules exploits etc and nothing. If i had seen a rule that says no manual guns behind small vessel blocks i would not have built that way from the start.

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Well we will see how the class size changes work. I cant wait to test the “PVP tunnel of doom” from PVE to the exit far up in PVP space.

In hope for exiting and funny fights without griefing and exploiting.

Hope dies last, right ? :wink:

It kinda sucks to move down to class 1 imo… but I like building and creating, so Ill have to make some class 1 ships and save in the blocks I would have spawned a bigger class. Maybe the fights would actually END? on the plus side.

Confused on base class 4; where are people building these big PVE bases ? lol

I have been begging to lower the class on armagedon as a trial. Now you are going to put untested theory into effect ?

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154 grow plant , + O2 + Furnace + Crafting Station´s + and the power for the buildings and u reach Class 4 fast !!

so Class 4 BA´s on PVE is Fine .and Is not Big !!!

154/9 is 17 that class 4 would feed 17 people? what do you mean that isn’t big…

growing pots isnt for feeding only , ^^ if u need meat you need only 3 Pots or go out and kill 3 Animals and craft Salami but !!! to feed 1 person every 30/35 minutes !! to refresh your self !!
but you forgot , bandag, healing , stamina, anti dot´s. and some more !! to survival !!!

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I got a grow plot CV … but yeah those grow op lights eat up class size

Tesla exacly you are such a noob why we need class 1 SV. You cant fly and build only flying tanks. And then you still running when you dont see a noob. With that big SV you still could run away… make no sense now you must fight or die!
Running is over for you! Only noob farming is over^^