HWS 6.X.X teaser | Blueprint Class and universe change

Hey @everyone,

after the EGS Stealth feature got highly accepted we move on to the next teaser.

Blueprint Class change

Now read carefully!:

With some more community investigation here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/number-of-triangles.12440/
and the find of some exploit SVs: Illegale SV builds
Eleon might change the formula for the blueprint class calculation and calculates pyramid blocks / triangles with a more heavy factor.
You might prepare already your blueprints.
That is not 100% confirmed yet though!

But what is 100% confirmed and to run a test for the last half season I in a special way we do a HWS Blueprint Class change / rework!

  • global spawn Blueprint Class will be increased to Class 4 again BUT
  • ONLY for Bases!
  • CVs will still be limited to Class 3 everywhere! So if you spawn a Class 4 CV you have some minutes to bring it down to Class 3 or just spawn Class 4 CVs at all!
  • SV and HV will be limited to Class 1 on every PvP playfield! PvE big-size builder will have to prepare for PvP more carefully here
  • we combine three worlds with that move:
  • PvE lovers can still build and showcase their cool stuff and even better with Class 4 Bases.
  • PvP lovers can have more epic, less lagg, fast paced fights with SVs and HVs but enjoying now a bigger Base Fortress for PvP

Universe Change

Since I am still working on it I can’t tell everything crystal clear but what you can expect with 6.X.X is also an universe adapted to the current meta. Since it is a teaser let me post some interesting key points:

  • Kind of a PvP / PvE split
  • PvE playfields will be put visually to the bottom of the universe
  • PvP playfields will be put visually to the top of the universe
  • It will be a ONE WAY from PvE to PvP. ONCE you committed yourself into the PvP zone you are in. No warping back instantly
  • There will be couple of Stargates allowing you to teleport also with an ONE WAY from PvP playfields back to PvE which will force you to leave your ship(s) behind
  • one orbit at “the end” of the PvP zone will allow you to jump back with a ONE WAY to PvE again. However you need to pass couple of PvP spaces for that
  • overall resource distribution rework. For example no resource on Peacekeeper West, no rare resources in PvE, high risk = high reward system in PvP regarding resources
  • PvE however will have better POIs / rewards like Alien Container
  • always fresh Gold on Golden Globe with regular surface wipes
  • Homeworld revival aka Armageddon - PvP during prime time. PvE during off time
  • Better and more asteroid resources in Black Hole / reworked “The Sphere” POI.

And probably some other things I forgot…

Anyways I hope I got you teasered and like to hear your feedback!
It’s overall a massive change but still in mind that it isn’t a complete rework of season I. I know hater gonna hate regarding changes but we are responsible to address current meta changes and negative bottlenecks.

Overall to sum it up: a next big step to marry PvE with PvP together :wink:

Your HWS Team


Elfias bossed it again :smiley: lol, yeah that are really nice changes, lets hope there will be some so much wanted improvement and better formula for classes. Im prepared for hate, leaving to see :girl: so ill avoid it :smiley:

Rexxxus, messenger of good news :cat: I also love that you are letting us to take a look under your skirt a bit, without spoiling everything so there will be still element of surprise.

:family_men_boys: <- Marry together guys

Armagedon really nice to fight in prime time. I see some great battles.
Golden GLobe wipe just not everyday please, every week maybe, 3 days?

I have only one problem, i dont like to leave ship behind, if i can still take it to sancturay thats ok, its all about logistic, idealy you want to land with CV next to base and load up. Stargates forces you to usually have 1 SV to get to gate, 1 SV to move behind gate. When other guy from faction comes in, he summons another SV to move behind and to gate.
I like stargates, its so…Stargate like…but its also such bottle neck. Not sure what can be done though.
Generaly i like you step into PvP -> now battle is on. No one jump to Peacekeeper and troll as you like.

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Not a fan of this, the problem is not that all PvE players don’t want to take part in PVP, only that we do not want the all or nothing mentality either. You would be better off with the universe as it is now, than to do this all or nothing.


Wow. Sounds amazing!

Thanks for all your hard work constantly trying to make HWS a better place :slight_smile:


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Who said all or nothing??

Thanks to the rest. Let’s see how it turns out!

This seems like a good change. The class sizing down is great for SVs and HVs.
Good move HWS team.


Sounds very good, will test in fact))

@A.F.T Christmas time!

WE LOVE YOU… This sounds EPIC.

The time has come to get your old ships and upgrade)))


This will be fun… More killing :slight_smile:

If there will really be some improvments in performance I already see battles of carriers, prepare fighters to launch finaly.

Now if Eleon will do something with projectiles and fire it will be so cool. Might look more ugly, drop less particles and everything needs some shorter lifetime and pew pew as never before.

Time for SVs/HVs to die as they supposed to, nothing better than your ship exploding all around you.

Now i know i know huge vessel builders, it might look as bad, but just prepare more bp to spawn, and prepare to die more. Its not harmfull for sure, smaller wrecks, less trash on battlefield, less calculations, less devices. If this wont help at least we will see theres nothing we can do and we will finaly be silent.
Also imagine BAs will be stronger as they will kill attacker faster, this really might be good change indeed.

Yes, your ship 2 alpha in the form of a donut )))

No gold in PvE-time pls. And it would be ok!

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Will new PvE areas have PvE orbit too?

thank you @RexXxuS sounds fun.

TCH planet aka Armageddon come get some

just realized serious and romantic sv fights in this saison
Rex, what reason sv limiting size is 1 class ? :slight_smile:

RexX :wave:

Looks good. My only concern is if pyramids get changed, how is it going to effect current BPs… I just build a low class 3 using pyramids and it took forever to make… :frowning:
That being said, I do hope they fix the pyramid thing, because it is stupid and unfairly benefits PVP “veterens” who know about these quirks.

Overall, I really like these changes. The PVP 1 way warp makes a lot of sense and is a great change. The class one SV/HV also makes a ton of sense.

I also hope that this change will allow new players to participate more as it should make them more able to compete even with less resources. Might bring more ppl to PvP and if they loose they wont loose that much to go and hang themselfs in front of ECC Bank.