HWS 7.0 Feature suggest: NO T1/T2/T3 AM - an Honest conversation

HWS 7.0 Feature suggest: NO T1/T2/T3 AM

of course I am not talking about the OAM, that should stay.

I think we are definitely missing a big game-play feature here.
When we have"resource campers" who simply wait, then do a "AM run"
everyday, simply fueling, and picking up resources, like… the game becomes menial.
It was a great idea, and we all enjoyed it for a long time. But its time to be honest here.

The glitch - a game feature people are taking advantage of to cheat.

The AM/deposit glitch.

Mostly what people do, is mine out a deposit, of say iron, so that iron METs will drop, and those give more resources and are easier to dig with a ladybug, etc.
but before you dig it out, one might drop an autominer, and that autominer, even though, the resource is gone, will continue to mine infinite resources.
This is a glitch that many in the game have used an abused, and I believe it is time to finally end this heinous practice, at least on HWS.

If this glitch or feature in the game was removed, what would happen? Short answer is people would be alot more active. I think said activeness is good for the game, and keeps people from just being “resource campers”.

Anywayz, weather this, glitch/bug/game feature was intentional or not, is not the discussion. The discussion, is how do you feel if it is removed?
If you remove the feature to infinitely mine out all deposits, how do you feel?
If we simply remove Autominers all together, how do you feel?

my opinion, is it would be better for the game, what is your opinion?


-1. I don’t agree. I don’t have the time to sit there and mine all the resources I need. AM should stay.

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-2, i’m lazy to find and drill meteors

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Really? Didn’t know this! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I thought they stop producing when the resource deposit is empty. Sure, If I knew this, I would have put dozens of them out there. To be honest, I never used them, because deposits were mined out so quickly and I thought it would be inefficient to waste energy on placing these little friends…
If you are right I would definetly agree with calling this a glitch. It’s an unrealistic and unexpected behaviour that needs to be fixed. Otherwise I am going to spam these soon! :clap::smile:


I just feel stupid at the moment for mining probably hundreds of meteors :laughing: Really, this is a huge thing. It’s so unfair…

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haha, noob!

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I have to agree! :smiley:

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Ok how bout an alternate solution, PVE planets no AMs allowed, or… only AM days like tuesday thursday or something. I think being lazy is really the point… lazily collecting/re-fueling, is kinda… idk, not really promoting, real game-play?

In my opinion the deposits should deplete properly when auto-mined and auto-miners should stop collecting when the deposit is empty. That’s assuming the game has the required coding to enable this. Resource shortfall thereafter can be made up with the right proportions of meteorites and/or any necessary weekly wipes.


Yea I guess thats what I was getting at, by "fixing the glitch"
I totally agree with you.
How it should work.
The AM mines, more efficiently so it will return more, however slower.
As it collects the ores, it removes the amount from the total percentage,
and then also physically removes the rocks that are in place beneath it.

I guess my suggestion, was just more of an HWS workaround, like… take away AMs,
or restrict them in someway, because Rexxxus, can only change certain slight elements,
not like fix broken game elements. I will have to do a full report to eleon for that.
Which I will hold back on, until we all have a proper discussion about this here.

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It’s the OAMS that break the game.

Magic ores from the air (even in PVP) make the whole thing far too easy. NO need to explore, defend rare deposits, plan ahead, struggle on Starter …

OAMs (and OCD) though they are great and unique, break the spirit of the game.

AMs merely speed up the process of mining. It’s the non-raidable PVE miners that you are finding “boring”.

Now, if AMs could only be placed in PVP…

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I was of the impression deposits give out more ore per unit time spent mining than meteorites.

AMs speed up mining because you can have hundreds of them. It’s the placing of AMs in PVE that makes care bears out of players.

The AM model appears to have a mining laser pointing straight down. They were maybe originally meant to physically mine (and remove) the terrain beneath. Which would mean they would only collect a limited vertical slice.

I can see why the devs didn’t do this, as AMs could very easily be trolled by other players. I know I would :stuck_out_tongue:

Good ore deposits should only be found in PVP :stuck_out_tongue: problem solved

If you look around at whats already been done you will notice that there is a thin layer of undigable terrain under the resource nodes so that there is a small bit that cannot be mined out, this way it will never reach 0 and people can always place autominers on the deposits, this or undiggable terrain all together.

If there is no autominers then people who don’t have much time to play are at a massive disadvantage, if there is too many pve resource nodes then mineral’s de-valuate too quickly and become worthless so it becomes a balancing act.

OAM’s are already balanced becuase they now take core’s as fuel which the cores cost almost the same price as the mineral’s so there is at least a sink there so that minerals don’t appear out of thin air, could also consider it as drones that go mine the astroid belt for you with their cloaks on so no one else see’s them :wink:.

In one of the dev blog’s it was said that resource ore won’t be pure anymore can’t remember where I saw it, so even with autominers there is a good chance only some resource’s will be abundant while others remain rare’r, also meaning less nodes can be placed per planet with people still being able to survive on said planet, so nerf to resource rate without a reduction to resource diversity.

Having a restriction for autominers to only be placed on pvp is an interesting thought, but again it would be increasing the gap between veterans and beginner because the ore’s in people’s ocd’s would all of a sudden raise in value many fold.

It depends much on the size of a deposit and the amount of ore that is left. I would always prefer a large, yet untouched deposit over a few meteorites. From my experience I would say that deposits are more time efficient as long as they are untouched.

Question to anyone: What do you think about an AM limit? Let’s say every player can place up to 10 Autominers at a time. So you can mine ores passively, what is nice for people not having much time, but you cannot use them in an overpowered way…

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I rarely use deposits or the OAM for that matter, I get almost all mine from looting or scrapping, so I don’t need to mine.

Right now I have 0 auto miners down and pulled some iron out of my OAM a week or two ago, have rarely touched it unless I need it. Either with or without, will not really affect me.

Ams only on PVP!!! - whoa thats a great suggestion!! nice!i fully support this idea!

NO.Empyrion 7.0 will put end of this conversation as this is not needed in 7.0 autominers will deplete ore source and their effiency is calculated actual amount of ore in spot.

( bytheway. Also offline protection is fixed, so do we get finally offline protection in hws )


Yes that’s true. Our discussion here was started by Doc on Sunday, the news regarding this were released on Monday…

In any case, the fact that the Devs are changing Auto Miners now shows that we had a really good point here.


So I dont get it. You think infinite AM is wrong but you like the virtual ones that are no work at all. They can never be destroyed and if I am not mistaken give resource forever? I think that is worse then the AM that at least are sitting there for me to destroy. Virtual AM is OP and should be taken out of the game. I dont get the idea behind it. Just to give you resources forever? Or so you dont have to put in any effort to get the 5 non basic?