HWS 7 After Patch | 2 new PvE Stargate planets | New Prof. Void Story reward

Hey @everyone,

just a little information that the two new PvE planets are now integrated to the latest HWS universe.



The Stargates to enter them are openend in few hours.
You can find the Stargates in:

  • Peacekeepers (Black Market)
  • Ori and Fia planet
  • ECC HQ (need some rebuilding still)

Make sure to check out the latest version of the universe now:

Prof. Void Story

You will now have a better end Prof. Void story. A Stargate going to Gold Rush Planet.
How much Gold can you get in 2 minutes?

Better Starter Gear (Part II)

Due the starter planet wipe today I used the chance to give better starter gear, incase the PDA bugs again.

We let you know when the maintenance is over.

Your HWS Team


Have you run out of letters in 7.0 ?

So many planets with 3 letter names, random name generator set to tiny words ?

the planet named onbelieveballongnameia was to long … :slight_smile:

What u like? Planet names that are unreadeble or annoying to typ? Just be greatefull he is adding new features for YOU to play.

No, everything came out of my brain. Sorry if I tried to accomplished player feedback, telling me that some names were too long and complicated.

I just wanted to have easy cool names for you… I can never please everyone I see…

The maintenance is over!
We were able to restore 100% structures on all servers.
IF you still missing a structure for whatever strange reason ever please let us know!


I think brand new players to the server and Empyrion as a whole will highly appreciate more gear at the start, or explicitly say in HUGE LETTERS do the starter mission to get your starter gear. So many lazy noob players just skip it and can’t figure out why they have no resources to start with, die 10 times and quit. Just read the mission text people!

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Could have named one Tacoland…

Alas, my achievements merit nothing…

Just name all the planets after Finnish cities, and let people tell each other were to meet ^^

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Eyjafjallajökull, rotfl xD

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@Rexxus Are all these pve planets and the origin ones getting taxed at 100 cores or something?


(feedback from around 7.5 server reset)
went to gold rush… we all went in at the same time and only had 60 seconds. didnt have a drills.

cohort tried again later, couldn’t reach a deposit in 60 seconds.

Tried it also, there is simply not enough time. I had a T2 drill and a motorbike to try to beat the timer. I got about 800 gold when I tried, it just wasnt worth the time tbh.

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