HWS 7 | Season II | Out now!

Hey @everyone,

after more hours awake than I can count … HERE IT IS!!!

HWS 7 launches - not 100% ready yet but luckily we can fix stuff along the way.

Thankfully, you’ve already had a lot of teasers so I can keep this short and only tell you about the additional changes.

HWS Story Start

HWS is quite popular for our start but we wanted it to be even better. It took us a long, long time; maybe too long and without the outstanding help of my girlfriend, DeeExpus, ALI, Grandizer, Smudgy and others it wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you so much!

We hope it is worth it…

Offline Protection 2.0

After more than one year HWS finally turns OP back on but this time with fixes:

DelayTime, ie when it will get activated after the last guy logged out is set to 20 minutes
ProtectTime is set to 35 hours

Anti Grief Distance

To provide more fairness and reliability for the OP we have set individual Anti Grief Zones.
PvP = 300m
PvE = 50m

EGS Star 2.0

Since Homeworld is at the top of the Universe EGS Star will get also an Elemental Bank zone.
Remember: you can only enter the Star with your SV and please remember … DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE!


We reduced the tax output a lot by counting RP in again.

The updated formula

 Faction: All Faction Devices * 1000  / Members + interest amount of the Player / RP (per day)

 Private: Devices * 1000 + interest amount of the Player  / RP (per day)

RP, in combination with the dynamic supply packages become even more important, It can also save you credits!!

Overall Taxes will be only applicable on Peacekeepers with the 200+ core check and also without core check on ECC / CSW.

That’s it.

New Donator package

Since the game and our server setup changed we had to adjust the Donator resource package. Some nerfs, some buffs. Nothing major.


Golden Globe refined

You want Gold? You get gold!
With a surface wipe before the prime time (5PM EU / 11PM NA) every Monday and Friday you get a real reason and challenge to keep that planet for yourself. Including 2 Bunkers and more Capture the Bases you have everything you need for it…

Daily Loot reset

As a welcome bonus all Daily Loot packages got reset. Start fresh in HWS 7!

HWS Sanctuary

As announced this server will become very important for one major resource. Magnesium is only available on Sanctuary!
Have fun and good luck!

There are way more new stuff but let me update and release along the way more information.

PLEASE bare with me on the PDA Guide / Forum Guide / Playfield Descriptions as they are not 100% ready yet.

I’m totally done now but will update everything bit by bit today / tomorrow after each restart.
Ask if you are unsure.

Overall - thank you for your patience and we really hope it was worth it :slight_smile:

Have fun, see you in space and… remember who you are :wink:

Your HWS Team


Thanks so much! :smiley: you rock good sir!

Freelancer F1 start screen shows medium armor but you spawn with light armor.

Signs in hangars (by ATM) tells you to deposit your 100K credits but you only start with 1k credits.

You get it with your supply in the HWS Infocenter :slight_smile:

Typo maybe… should mean 1k

what is difference between story or survival start ?

Story = Unique special start like the prison, freelancer bar, jump of honor.
Survival = just using your skills to survive + drone base attack


Why what’s the point ? Just seems like a time sink and hassle.

Thank you again Rexxus for your hard work!!

However I got fooled in the start, I was able to use my camera drone next to a POI on starter…great!!! Until I warped to a different sector and tried to use it and I can’t. The anti griefing distance…well it sucks. I don’t see the point of restricting a game feature like using the camera drone.

The upcoming battles I am predicting will be like before( I hope I am wrong) filled with lag, I did see somewhat of a good thing are the restrictions of ship classes on different planets, this might help with the lag, well just have to wait and see.

As always Rexxus, I hope you take my comments as constructive criticism and not as a insult. As a long time player of EGS and HWS I have seen the fun factors go from high to low, I understand the need to balance and it must be difficult to please everyone…

Anyway game on !!!

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