HWS 7.X | Alpha 7.5 Out Now! | New Game experience!

Hey @everyone,

finally - and sorry for the delay - HWS 7.X is live!

HWS 7.X Teaser Video

First of all please make sure to watch this teaser video to get the proper feeling injected :slight_smile:

Then we can continue to a quick overview of HWS 7.X (more details will be updated here)

  • NEW Game experience with our MASSIVE and probably only server with an overall smart and well calculated rebalancement made by @A.F.T . A HUGE thank you!!! (detail overview coming)

  • New POIs, new regeneration process, new planet surfaces

  • New Freelancer RP gain: live in PvP AND PvE to get +3 RP

  • New EGS Bunkers

  • New Homeworld and Golden Globe planets. I won’t spoiler anything but… I’m sure you will like it! :slight_smile:

New server restart times!

Since some features need more flexible restarts we implemented the 11PM restart again on both servers. That is also better for the NA CV toggle and surface reset.

HWS Police Test pilot

We start the HWS Police as a first Test Program. Slowly after I recovered from the burn out.

@andreataff and @gareth were chosen as the firs test pilots! Watch out for the Police ships asap.

Again PvP and PvE guys: watch out for the new game experience. Our Config changed a lot from the previous things you know about!

After the patch is before the patch

Disclaimer: Again I couldn’t finish everything what I wanted, even with pushing tons of hours into 7.X again. But I promise with HWS 8 it should be smooth and a patch release under 1 hour :slight_smile:

Now have fun guys, really really excited to hear your feedback about everything and see you in space!

Your HWS Team

Again special thanks to:



Awesome job guys, i like the teaser video well done!

Looking forward to play.


Amazing, Thanks for all the hard work guys!! looking great!

Theres a lot I want to say, but with Andrea in Police… im not saying anything without my lawyer.

Thanks everyone for making world a better place. :space_invader:


ATTENTION: so current state: there is a wallpaper bug (people can’t join). There is a faction bug (people can’t join factions). There is another random bug. And in general at the release date, with 25 players on ONE planet it is a bit buggy. (some server not even have so many people overall). Please let it settle a bit. It will improve by time!


ATTENTION @everyone:

I’ve forgot to mention in the OP that we also implemented a “new” restart again. 11PM is now active for both servers again to allow us more dynamic in our feature set and helping NA guys a bit more.

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Yes Yes, thanks thanks, unfortunately nobody can log in and everybody gets „internal error“ if he tries.

Maybe the „police“ can arrest the bugs ? :yum:

Another Hotfix is there in about 30 minutes