HWS 8.X Season Delay by 24 hours! Sorry!

Hi HWS Community

I am very sorry to announce that I can’t handle the pressure for today.

The last 4 days I basically didn’t sleep and pushing to my limits. Too many things robbed bit too much time in the end so my plan failed.

Ju and others suggested

“Take your time and do it right”

And even though it feels always like a big loss to not beat my own deadline, I just can’t release the current Universe as it is. It just needs the “extra” last polishes, you know?
My (your?) expectations to give you this time something good are too high.

That being said regretfully, I will delay the HWS 8.X Full Wipe by 24 hours.

Expect the full wipe and new season to start tomorrow, the 13th September at 5PM - server time (type cb:time)

So while I work on the last bits and pieces there is still something in the wait for you!
With the, again, awesome and so much appreciated effort of @Achilles we got 7 new cool HWS Connect Guides on Youtube!
That should help many to feel more comfortable to use HWS Connect. Spread the word especially for new players who don’t know them yet.

Sorry again, I really wanted to beat the deadline but it was bigger than I.

See you tomorrow in HWS 8.X!


Your HWS Team

P.S.: At 5PM it’s also the final time for the hot EGS Bunker Auction


make all playfields pvp, so we can get some looting in


Time to spawn more test pvp stuff hopefully some of it works

Rather a good HWS tomorrow, than unfinished today :smiley:



Go and get some rest Rexxus :slight_smile: Relax and don’t work yourself to death :slight_smile:

Best regards
Wise. :slight_smile:


Never apologize in business Rex. It’s bad business… Present the facts, focus on the goals and be productive. That’s all that matters. Cya tomorrow!


Hi, myself and a couple others just started playing on your server, so am I righ tin thinking a server wipe is away to happen very soon?

Do we keep our levels or is it complete reset? Just wanting to know if we should wait a day or 2 to get going properly or if we can at least get started with missions and levelling. Thanks and loving the looks of the server, some VERY cool features :smiley:

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3 months is a good time. Think about the server has very many players, and people build stuff, so performance gets better by wipe. And it’s a complete wipe, though you keep Some things.Orbital auto miner, Orbital Cargo Drone, and a few other things.

Cool so if we’re still on starter world we’ll keep our inventory’s and levels, sounds perfect. That OCD is a really cool idea as well, thanks for info

You won’t keep your inventory unless you store it in OCD(Orbital Cargo Drone). Level also disapears

Ah got ya, thanks

No problem

the server wipes tomorrow.
you keep some bank credits, items in your orbital cargo drone, ore built up in your orbital auto miner.
player levels are lost.

@RexXxuS, without you we don’t really have a HWS. As always, I say take all the time you need. Always take care of yourself first and foremost. You can’t perform your best if you aren’t at your best.

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Fallout boy - isnt that TM’d or something? :slight_smile:

Look after yourself RexXxus, we appreciate your efforts.

When my friend gets his internet up in a week or two I’ve introduced him to this Awesome server.

Great work as always, wish I could help in some way.



No worries Rex, I too would rather have it done well than done in a hurry, and honestly with all the big things you have planned, I think it’ll definitely be worth the wait for all of us :slight_smile:

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No one is harder on a perfectionist than himself.

Relax — everyone else will survive. Ensure you do likewise.

Often, Deadline = unrealistic expectations

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Dont worry! When is ready is ready… and is gonna be awesome!

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My father always said “slow down we’re in a hurry” Getting it right the first time even if not to your schedule, is disappointment only for you. Keep up the good work

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