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I’m really curious…

How does HWS create SVs with Capital/Base only available items? Like forge & deconstructor? Everything is on these SVs in miniature size. Is there a console command in creativity mode that allows you to do that? I’m very interested in learning how to do this.

There is a good and easy vid on this. Ask @gareth for it, or check youtube :blush:

Thanks! I’ll look for it.

It worked!! Very cool!

Too bad I can’t BP in my new “SV”. Gives me the wrong block error :frowning:

Thanks again for the link!

In sp you can bp it :blush: type help in console for info om how to.


I figured that…

I was hoping to bring it in to HWS. Looks like they have that market cornered with the HWS Garage.

Yeah. What you can do is to set your ship up for the hws marked trough the link at the hws garage thread. Maybe you will see your ship ingame :blush: