HWS 9 After Patch | HWS Garage | Supergate & Co

Hi HWS Community,

we hope you enjoy the HWS 9 season so far, even though Alpha 9 gave us some stones to swallow.
As always: please give me Feedback what you like or dislike HWS related.

HWS Garage & Alien Core

As explained, with Alpha 9 the properties like fuel consumption and Turret targeting are not stored in the Core anymore, but in the NPC faction. Hence the “Alien” faction was until now more or less fake.
After I spoke with Eleon carefully what impact it has to not only HWS but also other servers, selling their special ships for real money even, they spend extra time in “fixing” it, implementing the no-fuel and no-o2 consumption back in the NPC Core!

I will re-activate the HWS Garage and bring back the Alien Core Support package throughout the next days and pick carefully the ships which were successful from the last seasons and overall fits the theme.
Sorry for the ones, which do not be part of it - for now.
New submissions will be checked also (Still some in queue) but overall it’s “on hold”, until I feel the other gameplay of HWS is “stable”.

Supergate & Regressions

Again, because of the NPC faction integration, the HUD colors and turret targeting is changed.
That is why I had to put the Supergates to Alien Faction. That means however they are not visible on your map anymore.
I might add Admin dummy bases above them, to show you the direction.
But overall I spend some time to give you all coordinates here:

You will see the pattern, that the “normal” Supergate is above the planet and the “ONLY SV” Supergate is below.

More bug fixes regarding that overall are on the way.

Things you might not know

Beside from that few things you need to know:

  • I pushed PvP a bit by reducing the OAM withdraw cost in PvP by 50%
  • The 24hour Titan base needs to have at least 1000 Blocks to get the 10 RP Bonus
  • Because of massive Logistic Bugs, we had to temporary shutdown some of our features like eb:cointocr, Alien Sacrifice and more. We really hope Eleon fixes this ASAP.
    Just store your Alien Container somewhere safe, until it’s fixed.
  • The HWS Christmas Sale will end in 3 days, on the 24th December, at 11pm. It was overall not that through the roof but also not that bad. Some said I should repeat it on special holiday weekends or so, not that long anymore. Lessons learned.
    Thank you so much everyone who supported us! Means really a lot to me, if beside all the hate, bugs, disrespect, exploits, glitches - the financial aspect is covered to pay the servers not out of my pocket alone anymore!

Other than that I still work hard to make the Universe “stable”, so I can move on to implement more things for you to enjoy on HWS.

For some players, I wish you already a happy Christmas holiday!


:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: that the Oriole makes the cut!

Your doing a great job RexX, much appreciated. Frohe Weihnachten

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Please don’t put back the crazy combat garage ships.
The biggest upside so far are class 2 PvP planets.

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Sorry for another ping @everyone, it will get less soon. @Jascha worked hard to fix the bug Alpha 9 introduced and provided a new chat command for our Alien Sacrifice! (The Alien Sacrifice) So to convert your Alien Container to Reputation Points please type in the new command


(as = Alien Sacrifice)


The garage ships that are actually on sale are the only one that we could buy or are still not all added?

I added the “solid” one for now.
I will check step by step which were sold the most in last season and think about them.

Not sure yet overall. 21 drills for example cause massive amount of red “Entity not found” log spam if you drill, which slows down the clients and server.
Eleon never thought about my invention to hack ships. Sometimes if we report logs to them and they see it, they are not so amused.

I have to test which amount of drills are fine. Also what PvP meta accepts which Garage ship.
Maybe some can make a recap/summary of HWS 8.X and which ship had which impact etc.
@TheState made a great topic already:

Ok but the whole concept of making money is for buying garage ships.
If OP garage ships wont exist anymore there is no sense on making money.
I cannot speak for drills ships because i hate drilling. But for pvp meta i wonder why i cannot be advantaged buying a 20 millions ship.

3 issues in 2 sentences.

  1. Garage ships should not be OP. Just a good balance.
  2. money should be also made to buy other features like EB or use for stealth
  3. “Money sink” is a thing I wanted to general address in this season but the community didn’t like some aspects.
    I will think how to spend money for good things in future.

If other have ideas what money can be spend on beside garage ships but enhance the gameplay greatly, plz let me know.

One idea you don’t have to mention:
In this or next season I will implement “Season Events” or “Elemental Run Events”.
You find / buy a new, very rare item and only if you have this item in inventory you can participate in a big event.

In that event you have to find a special item #2. Only with item #2 you can go in the level 2 event so to speak and so on.
The further you progress in the season event, the higher the rewards.

Probably i used the word OP in bad method but overall the garage ships that i have tried on pvp side are overall balanced

Lets start from my favourite “The Morded” a multirole combat sv
Pro: he can effectively do good damage against SV with 10 pulse laser and against tank with 10 plasma.
Cons: Weak position of pilot and core, small amount of alien blocks, the Lasers and plasma are all together. (just one volley of a base or a poi will lose 5 of them. Big thrusters that can be destroyed easely.
I lost 2 this season for being uncored.

Another one: “The Mite”
Pro: 9 pulse and 9 plasma, full of alien blocks.
Cons:One big thruster for going straight that is easely killed. Ammo crates are exposed (i retired 5 times from battle because of losing those and there is no way of protecting them better.
We killed 2 of these this season one for cockpit and another for core.

lets move on : “the Kolfskot”
Pro: a lot of rockets and combatsteelblocks.
Cons: weak position of pilot and core, rockets not so useful and can be killed easy killing some thrusters (with the weight will fall down)

Pro: weapons shoots on planet
cons: you make a 150 blocks cv.

I have ocd 7 and eb level 7 and with all change made for the people that was raging at you i feel thats not worthwile spending money on those anymore since i can do all i need with those levels. The only thing that was saving me money was garage ships but the ships are sold now are not worthwile since i can do the same with normal ships/bases.

Anyway if the garage ships could be buyed with real money i can agree with you that garage ships cannot be too much overpowered but since i can buy only those with “playtime” i am totally fine with it. Is always a good sensation killing a garage ships knowing that the other player has lost a lot of money,


Cons: it exists. Honestly I could probably do more damage with a couple T2 rocket launchers on foot. It dies too quickly for the price imo (have both flown it and fought it)

As far as OP goes… there aren’t many I could in good faith call OP. If any. Like you said, they have weaknesses and some are apparent, like the positioning of the weapons on the mite or the vulnerability of the thrusters, etc. With lasers and rails penetrating, they make garage ships a risky and expensive gamble and they should be used to supplement attack/defense forces.

With the state of the game, lucky shots can cripple any ship and garage ships are not exempt.

There are a lot more things to spend money on now with the addition of OCD and bank levels. I think there’s more of a choice now on where to “sink your money”

Yes i dont know how to say more powerful than normal in english. Maybe extraseries? Extra features? I dont know. I hope i explained with long post :slight_smile:

not able to instantly lagshot 4x fighters with 10 lasers is a pro imo

Again with “lagshots”. I am surprised that you guys still not understand after 3 months how to build “lagshot proof” ships. I want to challenge you, you take a Mordred and i take my ship and we’ll see who will fall down.

nah, newer players benefit from the downfall of lagshot.
this is an overall good thing for hws

Well we can use workshop pve CV for pvp too and ban all our pvp design because you know… new players are disadvantaged.
How you can use your class 7 - 80000 blocks against them? YOU MONSTER!
However I challenged you to use the same Garage ship with which I pulled down 4 of you against mine and you refused the challenge with the excuse of the new players. Thats a point for me.


Paxxxo, I don’t care for your personal size comparison contest.
What I am saying is that lagshot is a fundamentally flawed mechanic, that contributes nothing to the game, and that it’s removal significantly reduces the skill-cap for the server.

New players can easily build an 80,000 block ship if they want, what they might not be able to do is lagshot armor.

(come to think of it, the only thing it does do is keep you on top on newer players on bottom)

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don’t like the sudden wiping of the server. I speak on behalf of all those who suffered from wiping. do the normal mechanism of transfer of property in OCD with the counter before wiping for example a month before it. everyone will be happy, online will grow up.

You suffered from being ignorant of the wipe when it was announced to be “when alpha 9 drops” and a general timeframe. There is absolutely no excuse for being surprised by it and then blaming others. You could have packed up like everyone else and just used minimal assets for the rest of the season.

dude, lets tell for ur self, ok? looks like u are not real, like some forum twin, - to make public opinion. your words are worth nothing, you weren’t in this situation. no need to flood the topic with amateurish reasoning.