HWS AM aint fuel up?

Fueled up two of my AM. Copper and cobalt with one autominer core each. Those never fueled up, as i have not seen any increase in AM ore amount or that it even has this one fuel core.
I have had one or two times this same think happened before.
I refreshed wep page, it still dont so any fuel on those AM.
In inventory those cores dissapeared and even the player log says when i fueled them
1 01:11 AM_Fuel 1 fuel into AM Copper Ore (direct). Now: 1
1 01:11 AM_Fuel 1 fuel into AM Cobalt Ore (direct). Now: 1
Odd as refreshed wep page in connect show other changes made after those fueling things, like gained bank interests, RP gain, etc, and those are added in bank account, and in overall reputation amount .
Is there some bug there or have i not understand something right ???

now took cobalt and copper AM one fuel and worked, when i tryed to fuel up them again, still lost those 2 autominer cores yesterday, like that log show and did not get fuel for those

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